Weekend Getaway

We as a family have been trying to find a time to go stay at Breecia’s family cabin for a few years now. With everyone working and in school it’s been so hard to find a time that works for everyone, in fact we actually didn’t get all of us up there, Tyler wasn’t able to take the time off work, but everyone else could go so he told us to go anyways. He was definitely missed:( I believe we all at one point or another said over the weekend we sure wish Tyler was with us! He’s such a fun kid and we felt his absence that’s for sure!!

We got up to the cabin friday evening. When we first got there we unpacked and turned on the water and started the heater to get the place warmed up while we went back down to town to get some groceries. By the time we were back and groceries unloaded we were just about ready to sit down and relax when Josh noticed that Ivy, their dog had eaten a block of Rat Poison!!! Oh my gosh!! We didn’t really have phone service in the Cabin so we told them to take her to town and call poison control or a vet! The rest of us  all stayed back while Josh and Breecia left with her. We went threw the whole place and made sure there weren’t any more of those rat poison blocks laying around and then just sat and talked trying to pass the time. We were all so worried and it was torture not having cell service to find out what was going on. A few hours later they came back and Ivy was ok, they had to induce vomiting and they gave her a bunch of charcoal to eat and a prescription of some vitamin K pills to stop her blood from thinning! Oh my gosh we dodged a bullet! We are so lucky Josh saw her do that or we wouldn’t even know!! After all of us giving Ivy loves we all decided to call it a night and hope that the rest of the weekend would be better! LOL

After a intense night we all slept in, that felt so good. Woke up and made a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs & bacon. After breakfast we stayed in our PJ’s for a few hours and just chilled. We even discovered a little corner on the back of the deck that we could get some cell service…just one bar but it was enough to get a few texts in.

We even went on a little hike. It was so beautiful up there! Everyone knows that the ocean is my happy place, but I think being up in the woods might be a close second! If only there weren’t so many bugs and wild animals in the mountains! LOL

terrible videos and pics but I was too busy soaking it all in.

After the hike we went back and did some more chillin. Doug sat down and read a book, Josh took a little nap and the rest of us played a game of Rummikub.  I haven’t played that in years, I forgot how much fun it is to play games!


That night we decided to go back into town to watch a Drive In movie. When we saw that there was a Drive In I knew we had to go! Even if it was the dumbest horror movie playing there. My poor kids have never been to one! What? I think we have failed them as parents!!  As soon as we pulled up it was like stepping into a time machine, nothing had changed, it looked exactly the same as it did back when I was a teenager! So fun!! We all piled into the back of our trucks, we got lucky it wasn’t very cold at all!

After the movies we went back up to the cabin and talked and laughed and even played a game of charades… didn’t last long if you know Josh and Doug, we were lucky to have them play at all! Games aren’t their thing, but when they do play it is the BEST!! We went to bed pretty late.

The next morning we slept in even later than the first night! I think we ate breakfast at lunch time! We did some more chillin then decided we better start cleaning up and heading back to reality. It was a quick get away with not much on the agenda but it was a perfect little getaway. (minus the whole dog eating poison part) and of course we missed Tbone!! I love my little family and I love spending time with them, they make me happy!!





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