Kiss Nails- Bring the Salon Home

At First I was a little embarrassed to share this with the world. I can honestly say I have never had fake or acrylic nails done ever in my life. Except for that one time back when I was like 10 or 11 my good friend Becky and I saved all our money and went and bought some Lee Press on nails and spent all afternoon putting them on and I swear we popped them off after like only a few hours of wearing them, I could not do anything with them on, they felt weird and I just plain didn’t like them. So that was my one and only experience with them and based off of that, I never wanted fake nails ever again! LOL So I have never in my life paid any attention to things like press on nails after that. I have fairly long natural nails so I never really saw the need. And I seriously thought they looked cheap.

Fast forward to summer of last year, I stubbed my big toe when I was out working in the yard and ripped half of my toenail off! it looked awful. I was trying to find ways to paint my toes without drawing attention to my feet because it looked so bad when I stumbled upon these fake toenails kits by Kiss.


I bought a pack and picked out the perfect big toe size to fit and was too scared to use it,  I chickened out and just dealt with an ugly toe all summer long last year. It just seemed too weird to put fake nails over your existing nails, How would they even stay on? So back into my cupboard it went. I totally forgot about this kit until this summer when I was dreading painting my toenails. I swear the older I get the lazier I become and bending over and painting my nails is becoming one of the chores I hate doing, I even considered going to the salon to have a pedi, which I hate to spend money on because half of the time I end up disappointed in the job they do and even more so because got a nail fungus once from one which really made it so I stay away!! So when I saw this kit I thought I am going to try these out.  It came with a tube of nail glue. You clean your nails really good then apply glue to the nail bed and the fake nail then wait about 30 seconds then press them on and hold for a few seconds and Whoala perfectly shaped, and painted toes! What?! Why have i waited so long to try these out???

I wasn’t sure how long these would really last, the box says a week, but I was going walking the next day and knew I would be wearing  shoes and socks so my expectations were not too high. Well these toes lasted me three weeks! Exercise and everything! I only had one nail fall off after accidentally kicking the door. But the nail was still in good shaped so I just cleaned it off and glued it back on! Crazy! I had lots of compliments on my nails those three weeks. I decided I may have found my new favorite life hack… Fake toenails. I have pretty much worn them all summer and I am loving it!

I decided if it works for toenails than fingernails might be fun also, so I started playing around with fingernails too. These are a little bit trickier. I found that my nail beds are Long, like so long that a few of these packs that I bought won’t even cover them if they are cut to the shortest length possible.


That’s when I realized that there are different sizes. I need medium length in the regular Kiss brand but Kiss also has a line of impress nails which are just like the Lee press on nails where you stick them on with a sticker. My issue with those is they are too short and narrow. But  with the oval edition I was able to make them work and these were SO much easier than nail glue and I found that they stayed on better than nail glue too, my only issue was that when they started to grow out a bit, my hair would get caught in the back end of the nails, which was kind of annoying but I guess that’s why they are only meant for 1 week, but it if weren’t for that, these nails would stay on lots longer than nail glue. I am still trying to perfect the nails, some Kiss packs come with stickers and glue so you could use either one but I haven’t tried those out yet.

These are the ones that will work with my long nail beds. I am loving that one week I can sport square nails and the next week oval, they are so fun, I also love mixing and matching them.  I am so excited to try the white ones out!

I Even dared and wore these nails for Haden’s wedding and I had several people ask me where I got my nails done! ya nobody ever asks that when I do my own gel nails. LOL

So there you have it, the secret is out! I wear fake nails! I cant believe just last year I was afraid to wear 1 little fake toenail and now I am covered from fingers to toes and I am loving it!

OH I almost forgot the best part… All of these packs were bought at walmart for super cheap, anywhere from around $4- $8!  WHOO HOO!!


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