Haden & Kaiti Get Married!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Everything turned out better than I could even imagine! These two are meant to be, I am so happy for my Haden boy.  I always knew it would take a super special girl to capture his heart, and He definitely found that in Kaiti. Kaiti blended into our family instantly the moment we met her! I can not be happier for them, and for us, we are so happy to have another girl in the family. I love my boys with everything that I am, but there is something special about having girls around and I feel lucky to have Kaiti join us and I know Breecia feels the same way too. In fact Breecia did Kaiti’s hair and makeup for the day,  It made my mom in law heart happy to see these two together, I definitely hit the daughter in law lottery!

We started the day with the wedding ceremony at the Payson Temple. It is a beautiful temple and we were surrounded by so many friends and family it was great!

After the ceremony we headed over to Springville to have a luncheon with family and friends. We had the lunch at The Copper Creek Event Center and had it Catered by Magleby’s and Can I just say, it was so nice to have pretty much everything taken care of for us.  I definitely would use both of these places again, it was so worth it to not have to worry about food, service or decorations, we literally just showed up, worth every penny. And the food was delicious too. Haden and Kaiti wanted a pasta bar and it was so good! I was really looking forward to left over Magleby’s chocolate cake, but there was not a single piece left over! But we will be eating pasta for the next couple of days! LOL!

I totally forgot to take pictures! these do not do the place justice, it was all very beautiful.

We had a nice time going around the room giving the Bride and Groom advice… Well some of us did, others like myself don’t like to speak in public But I am pretty sure they both know they can come to me anytime for advice if needed. I also hope they both already know how much I love them, even if I didn’t express that to them publicly. I have been team Haden and Kaiti from day one!!

After lunch we headed home for an hour or so to relax for a bit before heading over to Sleepy Ridge Golf Course for the Reception. This was the perfect venue, not only because it is sooo beautiful, but because this is the golf course Doug and Haden both golf at the most. This place already felt like home because of that, in fact we as a family have been known to spend plenty of sunday afternoons together there. Everything turned out great, we had so many loved ones come and help celebrate the day with us. Good times, good food and dancing, just an all around great day!!


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