Lume Deoderant

So apparently I have reached an age where there is no such thing as TMI! LOL, yep today I am going to be talking about deodorant.  I have struggled with finding a deodorant that works really good at keeping me dry as well as smelling good. I have used all kinds, I even for a while would wear men’s deodorant thinking it would be stronger for my extra moist…EW did I really just say that word, but whatever word I use to describe it sounds just wrong,  so let’s just say not so dry pits. I finally just ended up giving up on trying out any new thing because i swear nothing worked. So I would just go back to women’s Secret because it at least smelled good when going on.

Recently I have noticed a weird thing start to happen, I noticed that no matter how much I scrubbed my pits in the shower, they still didn’t feel or smell fresh. It was really getting to me, it also always kind of felt gummy and sticky. Then I started noticing my razors getting extra gunked up with deodorant every time I shaved…which is everyday for this hairy girl. So back to the search I went. When I saw this Lume Deodorant I figured I have nothing to lose.  I ordered it online and when I recieved my order I got this email that came along with it.


You are in for a *new* odor control experience.

When you first start using Lume, it can take a few days to get rid of waxy residue from any previous deodorants and for your body chemistry to adjust to the change.

Think of it as teeth whitening. Day one makes progress, but each day gets better and better.

For those first four days, use a little Lume every day after showering or until you are odor free for 24 hours.
Don’t give up too soon! Everybody is different and you will find your groove.

How much Lume to use

For underarms:
1. Shower and dry off.

2. Advance the propel stick until the product begins to show through the holes, or dispense a small pea-sized amount from the tube.

3. Apply a trace amount to the center of your pit.

4. Rub it in with your fingertips just until clear.

You know you are applying too much if it takes longer than 4-5 seconds to rub in clear, or if the deodorant becomes flaky or pills up on your skin.

5. After you’ve remained odor free for 24 hours, you can begin to experiment using less Lume less often.

For private parts (and other areas of your body):

1. Shower and dry off.

2. For the stick, twist up 1mm of cream and swipe the applicator with your fingertip. For the tube, dispense a small pea-sized amount.

3. Apply sparingly from front to back and swipe up between your butt cheeks to your tailbone. Lume should only be applied externally. A few times a week is all you need. 😉

You can also apply Lume under breasts, under tummy folds, on feet, and anywhere else you have odor but wish you didn’t.

I am not going to lie, I had used this for a couple days before I actually read this and I was ready to throw it away, because I didn’t feel like it was working at all. In fact it was a pretty rough couple of days, I felt like I stunk sooo bad! But I decided to stick with it. I am now about a week and a half into it and I think it’s working! Yay! I have yet to cut back on the everyday thing, but I am pretty sure I can, I just am so programed to put on deodorant every single day, I keep forgetting to not put it on! But let me tell you, I bought the unscented kind, which means there is no perfumes to cover that BO smell which I was totally afraid of, and yep now at the end of the day I can take a whiff of my pits and not faint! That being said, I think I miss having a “scent” just in case. So next time I will try one of their scents, but I was afraid it would cause me to get headaches and then I would never really try it out long enough to know if it works or not.

So Here’s my honest review of this stuff, I think it works! I think it has solved my gummy armpit issues too. I like that it’s aluminum free and Hypoallergenic. I haven’t used it on any other parts because to be honest with you, I have never really felt like I have an odor problem anywhere else. Maybe I will use this on the bottoms of my feet to see if they will sweat less in shoes? Humm… that could be a game changer! I guess I should give that a whirl sometime. But for now Lume Deodorant, I’ll give it a thumbs UP!!


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