Coppertone Pure & Simple


Well hallelujah the Sun is finally coming out and hopefully sticking around this time! I received this bottle of Coppertone sunscreen in my Voxbox. I was super excited to get this because let’s be honest who really likes spending money on sunscreen? I know I don’t! I hate trying new ones too because you never know if they will smell funky or be too thick and sticky or just plain not work! I love the sun, but I hate how much it has aged me, so I am trying to be better about protecting myself while out in the sun. But everytime I use sunscreen I always feel so gross and sticky, well with this stuff, I don’t feel any of that! It is so lightweight and has Zero smell to it! Yay! That is huge for someone with a sensitive nose, I either love the smell of something or hate it, very rarely there’s an in between so this is a huge plus!! No Smells mean no headaches! Yay!!

When I first went to put it on I was surprised at how runny it was but when I rubbed it in it seemed thicker and I was a little nervous it would be the kind that takes forever to sink in and you look like Casper the friendly ghost , but then suddenly it was soaked into my skin without that weird whitish hue you sometimes get with sunscreen. I love this stuff! I also love that it is SPF 50! I never thought I would see the day when I was sporting and loving SPF 50! I finally must be growing up a little! LOL


**This product was received complimentary for testing purposes.


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