Rule No.6 Socks


Doug has always said that If he was rich enough he would wear a different pair of socks everyday of his life and never wear the same pair twice! He thinks there is nothing better than a fresh pair of socks. I guess I don’t really get that… but probably because I don’t wear socks everyday and If I could I would be barefoot everyday of my life! LOL But what I didn’t know until recently is that he isn’t alone in feeling this way. I have heard this from other guy friends of ours too and it always makes me laugh that something as simple as a pair of socks would be such a big deal!

I know that I can always buy Doug a pair of socks anytime and he will be happy. So I decided to try out these called Rule No.6. These are bamboo socks! Apparently they are the perfect sock, not too thin and not too thick, odor resistant, durable, perfect fit, breathable and made from bamboo! Sounds like a home run! I am excited to give these to Doug for Father’s Day… Surprise! Doug!  Haha I think I am safe, I don’t think he will be reading this, he is off at Pebble Beach watching the practice rounds at the US Open today, SO YA…I think I am safe!


Just from touching these I can tell they are high quality socks, these may give his obsession with Stance socks a run for their money!


If you want to give these awesome socks a try, go to Rule No.6 Socks and order a pair or two for yourself! Use this code LOCALHOOKUP25% for 25% off your entire order!!



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