Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Lotion


I sure hope when VoxBox sent me these products to test out they truly wanted my HONEST opinion, because I will not say something is awesome if I don’t truly believe it, so here is my assessment of this Shea Moisture Lotion, and I hope after they read it they will still send me future things to test out because out of the 5 free items they sent me two of them were a big NO for me!

Who doesn’t like a super hydrating Lotion? Well I know I do, So ya I was all too happy to try out this lotion. The lotion consistency is super thick and creamy and very hydrating just as the bottle claims.



But where this lotion fell short for me… is it’s dang smell! I am starting to really wonder why I have been cursed by this nose of mine! When my nose doesn’t like the smell of something It seems to smell it like 100 times stronger than something that smells good to me does. I used this one day and I can honestly say I will never use it again!¬† Which is super sad because it is a nice rich lotion, it just smells like buttered popcorn to me! I know what you’re thinking, but buttered popcorns smells delicious! and you are right it does when I am at the movies or something, but this stuff smells like I rolled around the bottom of the popcorn maker in rancid butter! But I read that people are loving the smell so maybe don’t take my word for it? because if you can handle the smell, the lotion is great! Will I buy this again? That’s a big NO from me! Two thumbs down!


**This product was received complimentary for testing purposes.


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