Kleenex Wet Wipes



Today I am going to review the Kleenex Wet Wipes that I received in my Voxbox I can’t tell you how much I love these! First of all I love that there is finally something I can throw in my purse that isn’t considered a baby wipe or some other form of wipe for your behind! LOL Back when I had babies and little kids I had baby wipes with me 24/7 and used them for EVERYTHING!  and I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to be without them when my kids were finally old enough that it seemed super weird that I would be carrying around baby wipes still. I started carrying around travel sized butt wipes for adults, but to just pull those out and use on something like melted chocolate on my pants…What? Am I the only one that this happens to on the daily? It just felt a little embarrassing to me, and a little expensive to use those fancy things on just washing my hands or wiping down the dust off the dash of my car. So these Kleenex wet wipes for hands and face are the perfect thing! They don’t have a baby powder smell which I am grateful for, just a nice light fresh scent and the wipes themselves are sturdy but soft, perfect for all the little messes life brings you even when you have no more little ones around and will be super helpful for when you do!! You can find these at Target, Amazon, Walgreens and some Walmart Stores!  I am Definitely giving these little life savers a two thumbs up!

**This product was received complimentary for testing purposes.



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