Hawaii: Diamond Head, Leanords Bakery, Dole Whips, Byodo-In Temple

Today we woke up early to go hike Diamond Head. We hike it every time we come to Oahu but I always forget about all those stairs! lol It  was a sad reminder me that I need to get in better shape! I was definitely breathing heavier than I wanted on that little hike!!

When we got to the top it started raining a little bit and all of a sudden the most beautiful rainbow appeared!! Talk about perfect timing! Tyler took this amazing picture…


It was so beautiful pictures don’t even do it justice!

After we hiked back down we decided to get Dole Whips.. Now I know I am in the minority here, but I have never had one before! Yes I see them all the time and hear all about them all the time at Disneyland and pretty much everywhere else, but I am so weird, I hate to try things that everyone else raves about because I never seem to like it the way everyone else does, they just never really live up to the hype, but I decided this trip I would try all those things and so far I have been proven wrong… they really have lived up to the hype and Dole Whips was no different! In fact I am sad that I have lived this long and never had one before now! LOL IT was sooo good!!!

After eating that yummy deliciousness we headed back to our car. The parking lot was so full that we had to park kind of far away,  almost another hike…so when on our way home when we drove by Leonard’s Bakery we decided we better go try that too because I have heard all sorts of good things about them too so I figured we might as well since I am trying all things trendy and cool this trip. So we got in line with all the rest of the tourists. It was still raining a little bit but that didn’t keep anyone from waiting in the line wrapped around the building!!

If you’ve never heard of Leonard’s Bakery it is a tiny little shop that bakes fresh Malasadas.  A Malasada is pretty much a Portuguese donut without the hole. I decided to order the Malasada Puff that is filled with a chocolate custard or pudding type stuff.

Now here is where I will probably get some haters… but keep in mind, I am not a huge donut lover. In fact I didn’t even start eating donuts till I was older like married and had kids before I could even eat one and I still an only like Cake donuts. So I knew it would probably be a hit or miss. Well…It was just OK… almost a miss for me. I mean I ate the whole thing or almost the whole thing, but I can’t say that I ever need to have another one again. I’m sorry all you donut lovers out there, I am sure if you love them these would be the bomb! It also could of been because I ate it too close to after eating that delicious Dole Whip, I may of just been too full!? I guess I will never know because I have no desire to wait in line for one of those again! Sorry Leonards!

After the Malasadas we all kind of needed a nap, I think we may of been in a sugar coma! So we decided to take an hour power nap before heading over to the Byodo-In Temple. Breecia had heard about it and wanted to check it out. We have never been before so it sounded like fun. It was about a 35 minute drive. It is so pretty everywhere we drive… even the graffitti!


I mean look at this cool wall! I wanted to jump out and take a picture in front of it because I love lizards and geckos so much, but we were in traffic and Doug probably wouldn’t be too happy with me! LOL but seriously why can’t all “graffitti” be this cute? I know Doug Doesn’t love driving as much as I love looking at all the scenery. LOL He was such a trooper driving us everywhere and making sure we were all happy!

“The Byodo-In Temple is a non-practicing Buddhist temple which welcomes people of all faiths to worship, meditate or simply appreciate its beauty.” And Beauty is an understatement!! I was in awe at how pretty it was and we all agreed that it felt super peaceful there. They have a big gong type thing… not sure the appropriate term for it but you are to ring it before entering the temple, and there was something so soothing about hearing that sound while roaming around the grounds.

There was a bunch of animals there, tons of koi, frogs, birds, turtles,even a bunch of stray cats. We bought some food and got to feed the birds and fish. I don’t care how old you are, you are never too old for that. We all had a good time


After the temple we headed back to the hotel to make dinner and then go watch the sunset and see the fireworks on the beach. Every Friday night at sunset they have a little 10-15 minute firework show. What a nice and relaxing ending to a very full fun filled day!!


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