Hawaii: The Last Day


Today we woke up fairly early, made eggs and bacon, and french toast.  Then we had to do the most dreaded part of any vacation and that is to pack up all our stuff and check out of our place. Luckily for us Dave and Jose’s apartment is just a block away and they offered to let us keep all of our luggage there for the day, because we were taking the red eye home. I started to feel sick the night before, a little stomach ache, Probably had something to do with all the crap I had been eating all week, and I also started to get a sore throat… Haden and Kaiti started with that a few days earlier, so I wasn’t feeling too hot. The kids wanted one more beach day, but the way I was feeling, I had no desire to, which is saying A Lot, because I could live on the beach normally, but I was just feeling all together super crappy, so we sent them all off on their own and Doug and I stayed back and just hung out with Jose. Dave had just left for a business trip that afternoon.  Jose is such a gracious host, he made us feel at home and let us chill with him all afternoon. I guess I am getting old, because I really needed a break, I was a little wiped out.  I’d like to blame it solely on being sick, but who knows we did squeeze in a lot this week!

Besides me feeling a little under the weather today, we have had a wonderful trip, maybe one of my favorite trips so far as a family! One I will definitely not forget anytime soon. In fact just writing about it all week has been so fun reliving it, it really couldn’t have gone much better! And of course the most exciting news of all is that I am getting another daughter in law!! I love my boys, but traveling with girls has been a whole different experience that I have never had before… I can tell you this, we would never be able to eat a smoothie or Acai bowl with just me and the boys and have that count as lunch before! LOL It’s just so awesome, I have waited for so long to have girls in my life, and I am loving it!! Two down and only one more to go! Poor Tyler said he felt like a 9th wheel  most of the time, which made me a little sad, but then I had to remind him that he is only 20 years old, His time will come!


3069BA0E-B712-48F3-A8E9-23B9D9651937How cute are they?!?

After the beach everyone cleaned up. We ordered a pizza and then got ready to head to the airport for the dreaded red eye and 4 hour layover in LAX 😦 Oh well totally worth it for the week we just had!!

I am so grateful for Doug, who does so much for me and our family, I know there were times when he would much rather sit on the beach all day and do nothing then run around and drive us everywhere and drop us all off while he had to find parking and making multiple runs between our hotel and Josh and Breecia’s hotel, running to and from the grocery store and so many other crazy things we all take for granted! He really is the best. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I am so glad that I did and that he puts up with me and all my craziness! Til our next adventure… ALOHA!!


*Tyler has such a good eye when it comes to picture taking, he really captured the beauty of Hawaii when we were there, here is a few of my favorites he took from this week.



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