Hawaii: Ala Moana Beach & Hula Grill

kjYesterday was such a big, long day we decided we would all sleep in and have a more chill relaxed day today. What better way to chill than to have a beach day? Am I Right?? We decided to check out Ala Moana Beach Park. Wow what a beautiful beach and so much less crowded than Waikiki beach!


We chilled for a few hours then decided to hop into the car and find us a nice smoothie for lunch, because we were going to meet David and Jose for a engagement celebration dinner in the evening we didn’t want to ruin our appetites too much.


We found the yummiest smoothies and acai bowls ever at a place called Tropical Tribe. It seriously was the best Acai bowl I have ever had!  It Might be because it was hot and we were super hungry or just the fact that I was eating it in Hawaii, but all I know is I will be back if I am ever over that way again for sure!! Oh ya and they also had these little yummy warm cheesy bread bite thingys not sure what they called them but those were super good too!! Dang it now I am totally craving these!

After our lunch we decided to head back over to the beach to chill a little bit more, but because this beach really doesn’t have any waves, unless you swim WAY far out there, we decided to buy a few blow up floaties to hang out on for the rest of the afternoon. The ABC store sells them super cheap and for only $1 they will blow them up for you with an air compressor. I was super excited to find that out, but I did not think about a minivan filled with 7 grown people and 4 inflated tubes/rafts! LOL we were definitely crammed in there! Oh well I didn’t care It was totally worth it to lounge in the ocean with them!

After a few more hours of beach time we headed back to to clean up and meet David and Jose for Dinner. They Chose a place Called Hula Grill. It is located in the Outrigger Hotel on the second floor. It had awesome views of the beach from there. We sure did eat good that night.

They even brought out the yummiest dessert for Haden and Kaiti on the house when they found out we were celebrating their engagement there. It was called Kimo’s Famous Hula Pie, I would definitely go back there just for that! It was delicious!!


Chocolate cookie crust, macadamia nut ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream! Oh my Gosh this was too good!!  I Highly recommend it!!

After Dinner we took a walk and did a little shopping before calling it a night. Another great day!


This is the only picture I got of the pretty Lei Doug bought me at dinner, when I went to get the girls leis at the beginning of the week, when I came back he asked me if I bought myself one?? I said no, I didnt even think to do that, I think he felt bad and thought I should have one too! He is so sweet, I really am a lucky girl!


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