Hawaii: Photo Shoots, Engagement, Pearl Harbor, Swap Meet, North Shore

Yep Just as the title sounds, We had a HUGE day Wednesday!! It started with the Photo Shoot.

Before I get started on our day I need to back track just a bit to kind of fill you in on how all of this got started. So when Haden and Kaiti booked this Hawaiian trip they were not even talking marriage yet, In fact if I ever even asked Haden about it he would shut me down telling me that is way far into the future, and would assure me it wouldn’t be till next summer! Ok great I thought, that gives me more time to save money for a wedding!  I did mention that Hawaii would be a great place to get engaged, and again he said ya, but mom Kaiti still wants to do an internship this fall in London and I don’t want to ruin any of her plans so I can’t even think about marriage until that is done with and we both want a summer wedding so next summer it is. So I leave it alone. a few weeks go by and I guess her mom starts questioning her about their plans to get married and reminds her that she can still do an internship while being married, so when Kaiti approached Haden with this news, all of a sudden these two decided that they want to get married and want to get married this summer!! Whoa! So of course Haden wants to ask her to marry her in Hawaii because how cool is that?! So he rushes out and finds a ring, has it custom made and ready before we leave. She knows it’s happening in Hawaii but doesn’t know when or how it will happen.  I had already decided we would take family pictures while we were there, but once we decided to do the proposal during the family pictures I decided to hire a photographer. We were so lucky to find someone who would do this last minute, we actually only contacted her the week before we were leaving!!

So back to our day. We met with the photographer at 5:50am. (Her name is Barbi Hamilton if anyone ever needs a photographer in Waikiki, she was amazing to work with!!) She and Haden had already made plans of how this would go down, they had a key word that when she said it, that was time for him to get down on one knee. It actually worked out better than I could of imagined. I assumed Kaiti would know for sure that this would be happening that day, she said she actually thought it would happen during the photo shoot but then while it was happening she didn’t get the vibe that it was gonna happen, she said we all acted too normal and Haden didn’t seem nervous at all so she was definitely surprised! We had family group pictures, and then couple’s pictures and when it came time for Haden and Kaiti’s couple pictures, she asked them to do something crazy… and that was Haden’s cue to go down on one knee. It actually caught all of us by surprise because we thought it would happen more towards the end of the shoot and this happened right at the beginning, so that was fun! Here is some of the pictures I just snapped with my phone while it happened.


Barbi so was awesome, she told us that the pictures wouldnt be done for about 3 to 4 weeks, but when Haden and Kaiti asked her if she could at least send them a couple of the engagement ones right away, she totally went out of her way to get a few to them so that they could announce their big news with them! I’m telling you we feel so lucky to have found her! Here are the ones we got back that same day!


Are these amazing or what?!? What I failed to mention, we woke up to rain that morning I was so worried it would get cancelled, but we decided to carry on with it anyways, we had already pushed it back a whole day because of Josh and Breecia’s flight, I wasn’t sure how much longer Haden could wait to ask her!! I am so glad it all worked out! I am so excited to see the rest of them!!

After pictures we went back to the hotel to change, and went out to breakfast. After breakfast we headed over to Pearl Harbor. We totally ran into my aunt and uncle Dennis and Lynda while we were there,  I mean what are the odds of that?? And we got attacked my birds while we were chatting! LOL!



After Pearl Harbor we headed over to the Swap Meet at the Aloha Bowl. We love to go there, We always make it a point to go when we are here, it’s a great place to pick up all your little souvenirs at, but I will say that it hasn’t changed much in 7 years! LOL  It was Breecia’s first time and she loved it!

After the swap meet we decided to take a little power nap ( 30 mins) while Josh and Breecia got ready for their photo shoot before heading to the North Shore. Breecia had booked a photo Shoot with a different photographer for her and Josh to take some pictures for their 4th anniversary at Waimea Bay. We all drove down with them and hung out at the beach and took a few pics of our own while we were at it since it was right at sunset… #goldenhour


After pictures were done with we headed to Laie to eat at Seven Brothers Burgers. While we were there my good friend Christi who happened to also be in Hawaii because her daughter just had her second grandbaby stopped by and we got to catch up a bit while we waited for our food to come out. That was a nice visit and I was so glad we got to see each other while we were both there. After dinner we made our way back to Waikiki, we were exhausted, I think we were up for almost 19 hours that day!!


What a LOOONGG but Awesome day we had! Definitely one for the books!!  But the highlight of the day was most definitely that Haden and Kaiti are now officially engaged!! WHOOP WHOOP!!


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