Hawaii-The Gang’s all here!!


Monday Haden and Kaiti’s flight came in at 11:30 am. We picked them up and got them all settled into our place and then headed to the beach for some beach time while waiting for Josh and Breecia to arrive.


They were supposed to come in around 5 :30pm so we figured we would play at the beach for a few hours, get cleaned up and then go pick them up and then have dinner. Well while we were at the beach I got a text from Josh saying their flight plans have changed and that they should be there earlier around 2:30, even better!! Then a little while later I get another text saying that now they will be in around 6:00 pm. Still not bad, I decided at this point to sign up for text alerts for their flight just to make sure we knew exactly what was going on. Well from then on out we were getting texts what seemed like every 30 minutes or so with all sorts of different flight delays. Poor Josh and Breecia had been up since around 4 am that morning and were now stuck in Phoenix waiting for their plane to be fixed! I was starting to panic because we had scheduled a family photo shoot for Tuesday morning at 6:00 am with a photographer. The more texts we got the more nervous I was for the whole thing. I finally decided to get a hold of the photographer and see if there was any way we could reschedule our session. As luck would have it she had an opening for that wednesday, So we changed it, In the meantime we spent time at the beach, went to dinner, watched a little show at the Hawaiian Marketplace and did a little shopping.  It was a good time but we couldn’t wait til Josh and Breecia came so we could officially start our family vacay!. And it was a good thing we changed our photo shoot, because they didn’t end up landing in Hawaii until 11:30 that night!!


Tuesday Morning we decided to go to Manoa Falls. This was Breecia’s first time here so we had to show her all our favorite things to do and this hike is on the top of our list, it is so beautiful there!! It usually rains a little while on this hike but that day it rained ALOT! We definitely got soaked and muddy, but none of us seemed to care at all because of how lush and green everything was, it always amazes me just how pretty this place is!


After our hike we had lunch then went and cleaned up a little bit ( our legs were covered in mud!!) and spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach. After the beach we cleaned up and invited Dave and Jose over for dinner at our place. We had a little kitchen in our place, which helped on the cost of food, food in Hawaii is sooo dang expensive!!  After dinner we took a walk around Waikiki and found a nice shaved ice place for dessert. I know this may sound crazy but this is the first official Hawaiian shaved Ice I have ever eaten! Crazy right?!? And I must say, I have definitely been missing out! It was sooo good!!  We noticed that this place has been crowded all week so we figured it must be good… and it was! It was called Island Vintage Shaved Ice, if you are ever in the area you must give it a try… sooo good, there was a nice little surprise inside, frozen yogurt! So refreshing!





We then headed back to our hotel because we had an early morning appointment with the Photographer, we had to meet her at 5:50 am for a sunrise photo shoot!! So off to bed we went!!


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