Oahu, Hawaii

These past 6 months have been crazy, I have traveled way more than usual for me, If you were to ask me a couple months ago if I would be in Hawaii this year with my whole family I would have probably laughed and said no way will that ever happen!

About two months ago I got a text from Haden saying Mom Kaiti and I just bought flights to Hawaii for May! I was like wait, what?  He said that Southwest was having a killer deal on flights and they just jumped on them. He then said you and dad should go too! I am not sure what happened and how it all happened but it was like my mother instincts kicked in and the next thing I know I am booking a vacation package for me, Doug and Tyler to join them in Hawaii. I text Doug about it and he was not really on board, but I  didn’t really know that, I read his sarcastic texts as being on board :P, and Tyler who never replies to my texts right away responded with He is IN! So I just did it, without even really thinking things thru too much, something I don’t usually do, but the thought of those two alone in Hawaii,  well it just didn’t sit well with me. After I booked it I let Haden know, and he actually wrote me back and said how relieved they were that we were going too! I didn’t tell Josh and Breecia about it until a week or two later when they were over for sunday dinner. I was kind of afraid to tell them because i know money was kind of tight for them right now. Well the very next day Josh text me and said he just booked it and they are joining us! Wow! we were really all going on a family vacation to Hawaii!! Whoo hoo!! Who would’ve ever guessed it?!?  I know I sure didn’t!!

By the time I got to the flight deals they were not as great as when Haden booked it, but I was able to find a pretty great package deal with flight, hotel and rental car  but it was  actually for a few days longer than the others were going to be there, so we had three days with just Doug, Tyler and I. It ended up being perfect! It gave us a few days to relax and unwind before the others came. It also gave us time to Hang out with Doug’s brother Dave and his partner Jose.

It has been 7 years since we’ve been back there to visit them, so this was a good time to hang with them and catch up. They always treat us so good when we are there. They made us Banana pancakes, eggs and bacon the first morning! A nice Spaghetti dinner another day, it was all Sooo Yummy! We hung out at the Waikiki beach, we Hiked to the beautiful beach below the lighthouse, we caught the sunset, we walked and shopped downtown waikiki, visited China town to pick up Leis for the girls when we picked them up from the airport, we bought groceries for our upcoming week, it was a great couple of days, but we were getting very excited for the rest of the family to come in!



What an awesome beginning to an even greater week to come! The next couple of days I will be blogging about all the fun stuff we did, we did A LOT,  we even had an engagement!! yes it was a trip for the books, I am excited to share it all with you!!


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