Ok Some of you may think this is TMI but I just have to share. So for Valentines Day this year I was running out of creative ideas. You see Doug knows what he likes, He is very particular with what brands and things he likes to use so to surprise him with anything new is always super hard to do.

Doug is also a clean freak. This guy showers almost twice a day, sometimes three times depending on what he has going on that day. And he is also known for changing his clothes multiple times too in a day, what can I say? my man is just clean, and I have no problems with that at all! So when I stumbled upon this brand called Ballsy I had to give it a better look. I thought I should give him some of this stuff because A. it’s hilarious and B. He loves to be clean! So I ordered him some. I kind of ordered it as a joke, but I read online that that’s how most people start out too but then they end up loving it. Well Doug was no different! He loves this stuff. He has since ordered multiple things from them. I think he really likes the Nut Rub! LOL,  I mean what man wouldn’t?? Ya you can’t say anything with this stuff without it sounding so bad! LOL another reason why I had to buy it, it’s so funny!( Yep Im secretly a 12 year old boy!)  If your man likes to powder up the boys in the morning or whatever you want to call it, then this stuff is the bomb I guess…


And the shower gel or what they like to call BallWash is also a favorite of his… You got to love the packaging on all of this stuff. Did I just say Package? hee hee


So If you are looking for a unique Father’s Day gift this year and your man has a good sense of humor and enjoys being and smelling clean, this is the stuff right here!!


Your Welcome!

Click Here for $5 Off




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