Eyelash Lift and Tint

I just recently started seeing posts about Eyelash Lifts. To be honest when I first heard the words Eyelash lift I thought it sounded like some sort of Plastic Surgery procedure. If you know me I love to try new things and I love the look of a full eyelash but I refuse to get extensions, I feel like that is WAY too high maintenance for me. When I started to investigate a little further about this whole Eyelash lift thing the more it intrigued me. Then the other night Haden and his girlfriend Kaiti were over and I noticed how pretty her eyelashes where. When I went to compliment her on them she said that she gets Eyelash lifts! What?! really! Soo crazy that’s all I have been reading about for the last week or so! She gave me the name of the place that does hers and I immediately set up an appointment for the next day! I have been debating on weather I should buy a DIY kit and try to do this myself, but when Doug heard me talking about it, he suggested I get it done at a place first. LOL

If you don’t know what It is it is basically a perm for your eyelashes. If you have stick straight eyelashes or those pesky few that like to point downward, this is definitely a game changer. And If you just want to give your eye a more curled look without having to deal with eyelash curlers, this is also for you! Those eyelash curlers scare me, I always think I am going to pull out all my lashes out so I never use them, but i know i would look better if it did!

They basically glue a little pad over your eyelid and glue down all of your lashes to it. Then they apply the perm type solution on them, wipe that off then the setting solution, then wipe that off then if you want they can tint them. I chose to have mine tinted too, even though I do that already at home, I figured why not! The total cost to do was only $55 and it should last for 6-8 weeks!! Whoo hoo I am so excited!!

Image result for eyelash lift how to



you guys taking pictures of your eyes is not the easiest thing to do, I am terrible enough at selfies! lol


I am so excited to see how long this lasts! The whole process took less than 45 minutes. The only bummer is you can’t get them wet or wear mascara for 24 hours.



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