Puerto Vallarta Picture Dump

I always take so many pictures when I am on vacation and then never use them because to be honest what are you going to do with pictures that don’t have anyone you know in them? most likely nothing, they just sit on your phone or camera until one day you decide to clean things up and delete them all. So I decided to put those pictures on here. None of these are professional quality or anything like that, just pictures that remind me of good times taken straight from my old iPhone 7.

And while dumping these pics I came across these next ones and  I thought I would tell a little story about them… When we checked into our resort on the first day I noticed right away this…


I turned to Shannon and Shelby and said, you know at some point on this trip I will take a pictures with those two! LOL and everyday as we would walk by it I would think about it. but it’s right next to the front desk and I would have to somehow climb up that little wall to get up there to take a pic. I was fairly certain it was going to be frowned upon So one night when it was kind of late I finally decided this was the time to do it. I managed to get up and I was trying to get Shannon to come up there also and I was trying to figure out how I could get in between those two statues when all of a sudden the security guard came and told me I needed to get down. I asked If I could at least take a picture before I did and he said no… but luckily Shelby was on it and was able to snap a few before I got down. Is is crazy that this is one of my favorite pictures?? I think It may have something to do with my rebellious side because I am always wanting to do things that I am not supposed to do!



Well that’s the end of my Puerto Vallarta posts. Hope you enjoyed them and hope you get to visit there someday too, it is so beautiful!



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