BLAQ Eye Mask

After being in the sun for a week and coming back to the dry and cold environment my face was definitely feeling the effects. I decided to finally try out my BLAQ Eye mask I had gotten from my FAB FIT FUN box.


I don’t know if you can tell by now but I love to try new and fun face masks but I have never done an eye mask before! I always seem to be in my PJ’s and a top knot when I decide to do anything like this so I apologize for that. LOL But it is real life people, I don’t look all glam when I am doing beauty treatments at home, just sayin.


after I got my eye black on… I mean eye masks on, I decided since I already looked kind of crazy I might as well add one of my 24K lip masks while I am at it.

9295BEB2-939D-4A21-A0FE-657B862F489DHow’s that for a look? LOL  I love how my eyes and lips felt afterwards, a nice dose of Hyaluronic acid always makes my skin feel so good. Don’t know if it looks any better but it definitely feels better! Am I the only one who loves to do this kind of thing?


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