Senor Frogs, Puerto Vallarta

We tried not to go out too much because we had all inclusive meals at our resort, but we decided to check out Senor Frogs one night anyways. It was right on the boardwalk. We got seated outside which was so nice because it was a beautiful night and I would hate to have to sit inside with weather this perfect!! They made their salsa table side which was pretty cool, they even pulled Shelby up and dressed her up in all their gear and made her make the salsa for us! lol she was a good sport.

The clown came by and made us all balloon hats and took pics with us and of course wanted a tip… that’s the only part I hate about places like this, the need to tip every single person who does anything for you! ugh… I guess that’s what vacation is all about i suppose.

The waiters and waitresses all were super friendly and  kept us laughing the whole time. They even brought out signs that said funny things, but for some reason they only put them behind me?? I guess I looked like a sex starved pothead! LOL

We had a great time, good food and lots of laughs! Was it better than Pipi’s you ask? I would have to say NO but definitely a fun place to go.

Shelby decided to snap a pic on this stool on our way out and these two jumped into the picture! lol good times.


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