Pipi’s, Puerto Vallarta

I am not sure what my deal is but all-inclusive resorts so far have not been the best as far as food is concerned, I think I am just a tad bit picky…LOL just kidding I know I am VERY Picky so it’s always a hit or miss when it comes to food selections. By day three I think we all agreed that we needed to explore other food besides what our hotel had to offer. We took a couple of taxi rides while on our trip and every time we did we would ask our driver where the best Mexican food place was. We had one say Pipi’s and the other say Pepe’s. When we asked the guys at the hotel if Pipi’s or Pepe’s was close by, they said Pipi’s was about three blocks away so that is where we headed. As soon as we got close I could tell we were in for a treat! Seeing all the colorful festive banners up all around it just made me happy!


We were seated right away. Instantly we could feel the party vibe as the Mariachi band was playing Margaritaville and everyone was singing along. That is one of my favorite vacation songs so we were off to a great start. Next thing we know we have tableside guacamole being made for us at no extra cost…well a small tip of course, but come on, what’s not to like about that?!?




The dishes here are all huge! We really just wanted flautas and tacos and they let us make special orders which was nice.


Of course the Mariachi band made their way over to our table which is always fun and a little bit nerve-wracking cause I never know how to act when they are singing at us. So pull out your phone and start recording and they will leave you alone, right? nope one of them pulled me up and wanted me to dance with him. Ya, totally out of my comfort zone, but i just went with it…cause you know I was on vacation and YOLO! lol



The food was soo good, we were so happy, we actually ended up eating there again a few days later for lunch. Ya it was that good! luckily the band left right after we got there the second time so we didn’t have to do that again! lol If you are ever in Puerto Vallarta I highly recommend visiting Pipi’s, although it may not be true authentic Mexican food, it is some really good americanized Mexican food and the atmosphere is fun and totally worth it!

Dang it now I’m craving Mexican food!



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