Puerto Vallarta

This past week I had the opportunity to spend Spring Break with my good friend Shannon and her daughter Shelby on a trip to Puerto Vallarta. This sure has been a crazy couple of months, I have gone from never have been to an all-inclusive resort before to going to three different ones in three different places in Mexico! This time it was to Puerto Vallarta at a little resort call The Buenaventura Grand and Great Moments. And Great Moments we definitely did have!


We went into this trip knowing that it was going to be a low-key, chill vacation. All we really wanted to do was eat, drink and enjoy the warm sun… and maybe a little bit of shopping too. Shannon and I were pretty bummed out about our rainy week in Cancun, so we had high hopes of it being warm and sunny and we definitely got the most perfect weather anyone could ask for this week!

laying out at the beach ordering nachos and shopping and bargaining with all the little vendors that walked by was definitely a highlight of our trip. While most people were trying to avoid them we would wave them in one by one to see what all they had to offer. It is just fun for us. We shopped blankets, jewelry, cover ups, henna tattoos, sunglasses and more! We even made friends with a few of them, it’s always a good time!


It never got old ordering our chips, pico and guacamole… I think I ate more guacamole this trip than I usually eat for an entire year! And it was sooo good!


Shannon’s daughter Shelby is 16 years old and was awesome to travel with. I know some 16 year olds wouldn’t be able to hang with two crazy old ladies all week, but she was a trooper and just went along with all of our shenanigans… We joked that she was on vacation with her two moms. I actually was a little nervous about her seeing just how weird and crazy I was. Because I can only act normal for so long before my true colors come out. I think we got along great or she just tolerated me really well either way, It was really fun getting to know her too. We both don’t really like to drink soda but at an all-inclusive resort it’s kind of a waste to just order waters all the time, but we found that we both love Shirley Temples, which they told us was called Canikas but for some reason I could not for the life of me remember that, I kept calling them Caniki’s…LOL So ya that word may have been used for just about everything on this trip! Cankiki? Canika? but if you ask me it should be Cankiki… it just sounds better! LOL

Our Hotel was just steps away from the Mercado. We spend lots of time walking down the streets and checking out all the cute little shops, there was so much to see and do here. I don’t even think we scratched the surface!


One day we ventured out to get Fish Spa Pedi’s. So much fun! Yes it tickles for a minute but dang your feet sure do feel super clean and smooth after! I think I need to buy myself some little fishies to eat my feet everyday! That would be amazing!!


The sunsets here were absolutely amazing! I tried to make sure we would take pictures around sunset each day or what I liked to call it #goldenhour. It’s just such a pretty time of the day.


What an amazing week we had. We slept in very late, ordered room service, ate too much, shopped too much ( is that even a thing?) laughed til we cried And we may of  even got a little too much sun because I am peeling as I write this… and it was perfect!



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