Our good friend Tony puts on The Big Outdoors Expo in Orem. He decided to put on an Outdoor Expo to try to get people to get out and enjoy the outdoors more because so many of our youth these days are so connected to their computers, phones and other devices that they forget about all there is to do outside! I think it’s a great idea. This is his 5th year doing the Expo.

Tony asked me if I would be interested in working the Expo this year. I was pretty excited and a bit nervous, I mean I haven’t actually had a “real” job in YEARS! I of course said yes, because A, I love to help out a friend and B, I love to make a little spending  money! LOL So of course I said yes.

He told me that Thursday I would be working with Niccole all day Checking all the venders in. I was totally cool with that because Niccole and I get along great and I knew we would have a good time chatting while things would get slow, so I wasn’t as nervous about that day as much as the next two days. The next two days I was going to be working his raffle booth with a girl who has done it every year. Our job was to try to get as many people in there to buy Raffle tickets for these Guns.  If you know me at all, I can get myself pretty worked up for just about anything, and the closer it got, I was starting to freak myself out about the whole thing… I am not a salesman! I stumble on my words like an idiot in normal situations I can’t even imagine how I will be under pressure! And what if me and this girl don’t have anything in common and it’s two days of pure torture?? These are the things I worried about. But when I came in that first day and met Janelle (the girl I was working the booth with) I was put at ease. We discovered we had a lot in common, and we pretty much chatted and laughed the whole two days! I am not going to lie, when I first saw her I was like great, she’s this young hot chick and I am some old housewife, how is this going to work out? But we discovered we are not that different except she is about 13 years younger than me and cute, hot and single! LOL!!   But it actually ended up being really fun!! It was really fun hearing all about her dating life and things like that.

At one point we decided to take a picture of us together in the booth… LOL that was a mistake on my part, you see Janelle is a Model, I on the other hand am not, so when we asked the guy across the way to take our picture I just stood there, Janelle knew all the tricks and angles to make her look her best, so when we looked at the pictures I was like ummm… Ya I look terrible and your all posed, so she taught me how to change my pose and we asked the guy across the way to take another picture for us. I am totally embarrassed by this point, but we try again. At first glance it definitely looks better until we zoom in on my face… For some reason I am looking up and to the side??? OH my gosh I think we laughed about that for like 10 minutes! Janelle says let’s have him take another one,  but by this point I am just accepting the idea that I am not and will never be a model and say nope this is just fine. I wasn’t going to share it but since we didn’t get to take any other pictures the whole weekend, I guess I will share so you can get a nice laugh too.

here’s the first pic…



then after my little lesson on how to look better….


Seriously though, what am I looking at??? LOL!

Anyways, it was a really nice weekend, I actually kind of enjoyed talking with complete strangers and making small talk while getting them excited about the potential of winning a new shotgun! I would definitely do it again if he asks…and maybe I will work on my poses in the meantime…

The only bummer about working the Expo is not being able to check out all the booths for myself. There were so many cool things to check out!!  You guys definitely need to check it out next year!!


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