Stitch Fix #10


I can’t believe this is my 10th Stitch Fix Box! I was excited to see what was in this box, I told my stylist I was going to Mexico and wanted a nice pair of neutral  sandals and a few fun tops that could take me into spring. At first glance, I was pretty excited about this box. I was loving the colors, but the shoes I almost immediately knew they would not be something I would like, I guess I should have said a nude shoe, not neutral color, I knew these would not flatter me at all because they are too light  and the straps are too wide. I think they are adorable though, just wish they were tan and looked cuter on me.

Here’s what I got…



Loveappella- Lizet Scoop Neck Flowing Knit Top


I really wanted to like this shirt, it was super soft and comfy, but it totally looked like a maternity top when I turned to the side… Check out that last picture. I mean come on, When’s the baby due?!? LOL Ya, I just couldn’t keep it.

Pink Clover-Denver Knot Front Ribbed Knit Top

I had pinned a shirt like this one on my Pinterest Board, I wasn’t sure I would even look good in this style, but It ended up being my favorite of the box! It is so soft and cozy, and the long sleeves mean I can keep wearing it in this crappy weather we are having, but because it is so light weight I can totally see myself able to wear it in the spring too. I also like that I can dress it up or down… Yep this one is a keeper!


Mason & Belle- Bobby Embroidered Tie Detail Top

At first glance I thought I would love this shirt but I have a hard time with this style. Sometimes, they look ok on me and sometimes they don’t. I think it depends on where it hits me on my hips, how curved the hem is, and maybe even the color, I don’t really know what it is, but this one definitely didn’t do it for me at all! It actually doesn’t look as bad in the pictures as it did in real life. It is probably one that I might have kept if I liked everything else, but since I wasn’t loving it and wasn’t keeping everything this time, I decided to send it back!


Fun2Fun- Timaria Tie Sleeve Blouse

With this top I immediately fell in love with the cute sleeves. I love me a cute sleeve:)  It is a little bit of a flowy shirt too so I was nervous about it looking like another maternity top, but not so much with this one. I love the color too, So I decided to keep it!



Toms- Majorca Cutout Heel

I know I may be in the minority here, but I don’t really like white heels. These are a beige but a little too close to white to me and I just don’t feel like they are that flattering on my feet.


Check out the exact outfit with a more nude shoe compared to the Tom’s. I guess I like my feet to kind of disappear instead of stand out! What do you think? Well no matter what you guys think, these babies got sent back 😦


Well there you have it. Seems like I usually open a box and don’t really like the stuff until I try them on, but with this box, I liked what I saw right away, but didn’t love it so much once I tried it on! Go Figure!?! I guess it goes to show that no matter what, you need to try things on!! I hate trying stuff on, which may be why my closet has been full of clothes that I don’t really like on me…that is until I started getting Stitch Fix boxes. Having someone else pick out my clothes and being able to try them on in the privacy of my own home is the best thing for this girl!!

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