Efero Exfoliating Foot Mask


You know when you slide into your sheets at night and your heels have so many cracks  in them they kind of snag on them?!? YUCK! I hate it when that happens! It totally gives me the heebie jeebies and Yep it started happening to me a couple of weeks ago. So I figured It was the perfect time to try out these Exfoliating Foot Masks I bought a while ago on Amazon. I have only tried these things one other time in my life. I tried the Baby Foot brand and I remember being a little disappointed in them. I was so excited to have sheets of skin peel off of me like all the internet pictures showed and that didnt happen, so I decided to try a different brand this time. img_8053

First of all I have decided that hanging around all boys has finally rubbed off on me, why do I say this you ask? Because I didn’t even read the instructions before, because I figured I have done this before I know what I am doing. LOL, I had a total Typical guy moment!! And because of it I forgot an important first step which was to wash and soak my feet if I have extremely rough cuticles… well I have extremely rough everything! So I was a little concerned this wasn’t going to work.

Here’s what it looks like, It is literally just two plastic footie type bags filled with a fruity chemically smelling stuff that you just cut open and stick your foot in and tape shut! Simple right? I also put a pair of socks over because I was afraid to walk around and get this stuff on everything or me slipping and falling! So when I went to finally read the instructions to see how long I was to wear these I noticed I did everything else right, even down to putting socks over these bags! See how smart I am! LOL It says to wear from 1-2 hours and only 30 minutes for sensitive skin . Well I know how well my face can tolerate a chemical peel so I went the 2 hours!

I totally forgot to take before pics of my feet because I was obviously too excited! I was so nervous that after soaking in these for two hours that is was all for nothing because I didn’t soak my feet first. Well immediately I could feel my feet feeling a little tight. I figured that was a good sign.

Here’s my foot the next day… it was super dried out so I got excited… I think this was going to work!


Over the next couple of days this is what my feet looked like! Crazy amounts of peeling!

I was still sad that I didn’t get to peel it off in one solid piece like I had seen on the internet. Maybe next time… after soaking my feet first?

Here are my feet today. No they’re not perfectly smooth, but so much better than they were before! I think a few more rounds of these masks and I may just get those baby soft feet that I have always dreamed of but never had! I am a barefoot girl, always have been, so my feet are bad and probably never will be baby soft If I’m being totally honest with myself, but to not be as bad would be a great improvement!


So do I give these masks a thumbs up! Well Yes I do, in fact I’d give them 10 little piggies  Up! LOL!


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