Little River Band

This Past weekend we went to see the Little River Band with Tony and Shannon. When Tony first asked us if we wanted to go with them, I was like…”Ummm maybe you guys might want to invite someone else… I am not even sure what they even sing??” He assured me that we knew them. I wasn’t too sure about that, but once he started singing a few of their songs for us we were like oh ya I know that one. LOL I still wasn’t sure if we were the best people to take with them, but Tony assured us we were, he said we were fun, so that’s all that really matters… Well he does have a good point there! LOL so we said we are in!

The concert was in Provo at the Covey Arts Center. When we first walked in it wasn’t quite the usual concert scene that I was used to! LOL It definitely was a very well dressed, mild-mannered, older crowd. Which is fine, but totally different from any other concert I have ever been to. This is a smaller venue, with around 600 plus seats. We had middle front row balcony tickets. Tony said these were the best seats in the house. He wasn’t wrong, these seats were pretty awesome.

When they first started to play Shannon and I had a good laugh at the crowd because everyone stayed in their seats and were just sitting there all quiet, I was thinking this is so bizarre! But after a little bit The band was able to get the crowd going and it ended up being a real good time. I was super impressed with them actually, after all these years they still had it! I mean two of these guys were original band members, they have been together for 44 years! That’s super impressive! And they still sound and play great! I was pleasantly surprised, I had a great time and actually knew at least 4 songs! LOL


During the concert they even turned up the lights and took some pictures of the audience and told us we would be up on their Facebook page…Can you spot us??

After the concert, they said they would come out and do some autographs and take pictures with whoever wanted to, so you know we stayed after for that!( I wish they did this at all concerts!) Tony made his presence known during the whole concert, He kept telling us that he wore that white plaid shirt so that they could easily spot him out, I don’t really think the shirt had anything to do with it…he was whistling and yelling out funny things the entire time, that and the fact that he is about a foot taller than everyone else there!  So when he went to get his shirt autographed… Ya they totally knew exactly who he was when we went to go chat with them LOL!


Here we are with the Little River Band! What a fun night! I’m so glad we decided to go and that we have awesome friends who invite us to do these kinds of things with them! Such a fun night!


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