Uptown Cheapskate

The weather has been a little crappy lately not to mention I haven’t been feeling the best these past couple days, trying to fight a cold or something,   So today I decided I needed to get out of the house, I was going a little stir crazy!! Luckily for me my sweet son Haden called and wanted to do lunch with me on his lunch break,  Anytime My boys want to spend some time with me I am all over it! I met him for lunch and After our quick bite I decided I would check out the Uptown Cheapskate. I have noticed it before but have never actually gone in so I thought what better day to check it out and do some much-needed retail therapy on this cold, wet, gloomy day.

So first off for those of you that don’t know Uptown Cheapskate is a thrift/Consignment store. They sell quality name brand items for cheap prices. I used to be a huge thrift shopper back when my kids were little. We were so poor back then, but I never wanted my kids to go without and I found that thrift store shopping and garage saling made it so my kids dressed better and I paid less than those who shopped at places like Kmart and Walmart! I love to get a bargain too, there is just something so satisfying knowing that I am wearing something that someone else paid twice sometimes three or four times more for! In fact when we lived in St. George, I went shopping at the local D.I. ( thrift store) every week! I would take Tyler with me while the others where in school. I used to shop for us as well as sell things that I  would find that I knew were a good deal on Ebay to make a little extra money. I didn’t want the boys to be embarrassed by this so our code name for thrift shopping  was Dirty Dillard’s !  And Yes, thrift shopping is dirty, I always carried hand sanitizer with us and I had to wash everything before they were allowed to touch anything we bought!

So Uptown Cheapskate is a cute thrift shop full of racks and racks of clothing, I could have spent all day there rummaging through, but I didn’t have that much time, so I did a quick sweep through and I stumbled across these super cute Coats! A black Cole Haan rain jacket and an Olive green Guess Wool Coat!


I couldn’t decide between the two, and because they were so cheap I decided to get both! That’s the beauty of shopping this way!

**I just found the Cole Haan rain jacket on sale at Macy’s for $180! Ya I only paid $34.99! Score!!

download (1)

A much-needed retail therapy session that didn’t break the bank!  whoo hoo! And after checking out the extended forecast, these coats will sure come in handy! Thanks Uptown Cheapskate! I need to remember to shop here more often!!





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