Stitch Fix #9

The other day I got my 9th Stitch Fix box. I kind of forgot about this one and didn’t leave a note until like a week before it was to arrive. All I put on my note to my stylist was that I still wanted a Camel colored Coat. So you can imagine how excited I was for this fix, because I usually ask for more specifics and this time I only asked for the coat, thinking I would totally get it… Well sadly there was no camel coat in the fix 😦 She said that there just wasn’t anything in their inventory.  But she had a knit jacket that caught her eye that she thought I might like well… Bummer…

Here’s what I got…

Kut From the Kloth- Kate Boyfriend Jean


Papermoon- Larie Crew Neck Blouse

**Note I paired it with my Twila Faux Shearling Jacket from my #8 fix and My DV8 jean Booties from my #4 fix.

Emory Park-Maggie V Neck Pullover

**Paired with 41 Hawthorn Cherri Trench Rain Jacket and Urban Expressions Frankie Double Zip Satchel from fix #3 and Urban Expressions Genina Satchel from fix #8

Faith+Zoe- Ellis Colorblock Knit Jacket

Bancroft- Sienna Metal Necklace

As I was trying these on I was realizing that my closet has become much more put together since starting Stitch Fix. I find that everything in my closet is starting to kind of go together better and it is easier for me to quickly pick outfits out now. I tried to show you how I was able to use things from my previous fixes to pull all these looks together and incorporate things I already had.  Even though I was bummed about my Camel colored Coat, I actually ended up liking this fix and ended up keeping everything in it. The color blocked jacket was a little too big, so I did my first exchange and It was easier than I thought it would be and it didn’t cost me anything to ship it back either, which was way nice! The smaller jacket arrived within a week! So ya I was pretty happy about that.

If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try, here’s a link to get $25 off your first Fix! It’s like trying it out for free! You can send everything back if you don’t like it and it will cost you nothing!

$25 off your first Fix


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