Cancun (Day2)

I didn’t have the best night’s sleep, but I never really do the first night in a new place. We slept in and planned on going to breakfast around 10:30. I woke up and saw that it looked sunny out so I got all dressed in my swimsuit and summer dress and we made our way down to the breakfast buffet. I was so excited to head out to the beach and be in my happy place. First off we noticed right away that it wasn’t warm out at all! It was blowing wind at maybe 17 mph and it was COLD! BRRR…. I definitely wasn’t dressed right. Next we noticed all the workers at the buffet giving us crusty looks and treating us like we were putting them all out, well we later found out that the buffet closed at 10:30! OOOPS… for some reason we were under the impression it was opened till 11:30 for breakfast, so we hurried up and ate and then quickly went back up to our rooms to change. I was not liking how cold it was, but we were on vacation and I wasn’t about to let that ruin it!  We all decided to venture out and do a little shopping at the little Mexican shops down the street from our resort.


It is pretty stressful trying to walk across the street in Mexico…you definitely don’t have the right of way, Sheryl (our photographer lol) decided to take a group pic right when we were trying to cross the street… As you can see in the top pic, Niccole, Darren, Doug and I couldn’t be bothered, we just wanted to get across safely! LOL below is the pics after we finally got across the street! look how happy we are to still be alive!

I think we spent a good hour or so in this one store, we talked, shopped and messed around in there forever! I am pretty sure they were wondering what our deal was! lol I am not even sure if any of us bought anything in there either??? but we had a great time. Us girls even talked our men into putting these bikini shirts on and taking pics…


To our surprise when they turned around they had backs to these shirts! lol  oh my gosh we had a really good laugh at that!! what good sports these guys are!


img_75467921875d-a262-4ae5-bc33-2e4140ca1efeimage_1 2019-01-23_22-50-27img_7541

I was surprised the guys lasted as long as they did shopping with us but it was getting close to eating time again( approx every 2 hours lol) and they needed to go find a place to watch Sunday Football. So we headed back, we decided to go check out the Riu Cancun which is located right next to ours and with our stay we could eat and visit any of the Riu resorts in Cancun. It was then that we discovered they had a soft serve ice cream machine… if you know me at all you know that I love me some good soft serve and this stuff was good, so my day was most definitely looking up! LOL  The guys found a sports bar to watch football at and after about 20 minutes sitting there and messing around on my phone to waste time because I don’t get into watching football ( unless it’s the Superbowl and I have money on the line! LOL) , It hit me that I was watching Sunday football when there was a whole big beautiful ocean outside, cold or not I would much rather be outside on the beach. So us girls ( besides Nicole, she and Darren were on their own for some alone time ;), it was Darren’s birthday)  decided to take a walk along the beach. We got some girl talk in and some fun pics along the way. We had plans of taking the bus to the Cancun sign sometime that week to take pics but we stumbled upon this sign at one of the resorts, we were pretty happy about that find!


Yes Shannon caught all of us girls taking selfies at the same time! LOL!

After our walk and when the boys were finally done with their two football games that went into overtime… we headed to dinner. After dinner we checked out the nightly entertainment, tonight they were having Karaoke, which was much more entertaining than the night before…  in fact people watching is one of my favorite things to do, add drunk people making fools of themselves to the mix and it doesn’t get much better than that!!

Another great day, but still not exactly what I was hoping for… but there was always tomorrow 🙂


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