Cancun (Day 3) Puerto Morelos

Today we decided to sleep in and not even bother with breakfast. The weather forecast was still supposed to be cold and windy with some slight chances of showers, so it was not looking promising at all. Some of our group decided to go visit the Isla Mujeres. With the wind blowing so hard I didn’t think Doug would want to go because the ocean was pretty choppy and he gets seasick , Shannon is the same so we decided to go check out a little town called Puerto Morelos. Tony and Shannon had been talking about these taco’s they got there the last time they were in Cancun so we decided to go check it out. Getting dressed I wasn’t exactly sure what to wear, we’ve been cold the whole time so far but I first off I didn’t bring that many warm things to wear and second I was at the beach in Mexico so I decided to wear a sundress and swimsuit and hope for the best.  We grabbed a taxi and made our way to this cute little town.

Since we didn’t eat breakfast we were pretty hungry so first things first we had to go check out this taco place we’ve heard so much about, It is called it’s pretty funny because as soon as we got close Tony and Shannon started walking super fast and left us in the dust, yep they were excited! lol

We made sure that we sat outside because it was starting to warm up and it was even getting hot! Shannon and I were pretty darn happy about that!

Now I am learning that my taste buds are super weird and picky so I am not sure I am the best judge of food, so I would just say these tacos are just average, but then again I order it without onions and peppers so it could be that too. So don’t take my word for it,  you may just need to try it out for yourself. But They were happy and Shannon said it was the best Pico de Gallo she’s ever had… I wouldn’t know, it was WAY too chunky for me, if only they could have put it into a blender for me. LOL Yep it’s a texture thing for me, I just can’t do chunks, but I love the flavor!

After tacos we shopped around all the little shops but after a while it all started to look the same and I think the vendors recognized our wristbands or something because they were all throwing out super ridiculous prices at us which was pretty obnoxious. I even called one guy out who was trying to sell me something as real silver but I knew it wasn’t and when I proved it to him he told me it was his first day! LOL really!?  But it was warm and not windy so we were in heaven! We got so hot in fact we went looking for some ice cream to cool us down. We ended up eating some yummy Gelato.


We had a fun and relaxing day. I loved the sunshine, it always makes me so happy. Oh and of course we had to take some pics.

After our day in Puerto Morelos we headed back to our hotel to meet the others for dinner.  We learned that it wasn’t quite as nice at the hotel as it was in Puerto Morelos so we were happy that we made the right choice to leave. The others all had a great time at the island and I secretly was jealous, because I would have liked to have seen that too… Another time I guess.

We decided to try the Japanese Steakhouse this time for dinner. I totally ordered the wrong things because everything I ordered was no bueno, especially the soup that was made with fish broth! What was I even thinking ordering that? I don’t even like seafood, why would I think fish broth would be ok?? LOL I should have ordered the Steak, it was delicious, but I had beef everyday so far and beef tacos for lunch so I  was trying to mix it up a bit by ordering the sweet and sour pork, which was just ok… I was slowly learning that the steak is the best thing they make at all of these specialty places.

After dinner we headed to the show. This time they had a burlesque show, it was entertaining enough…nothing to write home about although we did sit upfront and to the side of them and I believe there were times when I saw more than I should have! LOL  We headed to bed after the show, we had to be up super early the next day for our all day excursion to Chichen Itza!

Another great day.


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