Cancun Trip ( Day1)

This past week was spent in Cancun. This was my first time to Cancun, it has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, I have never gone because Mexico has always scared me a little. There is always so much talk about the Drug Cartel or getting mugged or there are all the infamous stories of people being drugged and taken somewhere out in the boonies and waking up to all your internal organs being stolen, or how the police is corrupt and will rob you or throw you in jail for no reason…. LOL the list goes on and on and then there’s the fact that I would be in a foreign country and that I speak Zero Spanish ( well ok that’s not true I speak Muy Poquito Español ). But for all those reasons Mexico just never made it on our list of places to go.

So When Tony and Shannon started talking about going, I knew we had to go! I figured there is safety in numbers and the fact that we would be pretty much staying at the all-inclusive resort where we would be doing nothing but laying out in the hot sun having fun fruity drinks served all day while listening to the waves crashing on the warm sandy beach.   Sounds amazing right? We also decided to stay at an Adults only resort, so there would be no loud splashing or screaming little ones to ruin our precious lay out time. We had planned it all perfectly, Never in my visions did I see cold, wet and windy conditions!  I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to weather! But We made the most of it and I had an awesome time! I will spend the next couple days journaling all about it.

But first I have to start off my Cancun story by telling you a little about all these people we were traveling with. Doug and I know Shannon and Tony, they randomly invited some of their friends and this was the group that ended up going .None of us really  know each other, we just all have a common connection, Tony and Shannon, oh and Doug grew up with Darren but other than that we were pretty much all strangers. Tony and Shannon had us all over to their house for dinner a week before the trip to get to know each other a little before, I at first was a little nervous about being on vacation for a whole week with a bunch of strangers, I mean what if they don’t get me or my sense of humor? I can be a little quiet around groups and I can also say some pretty dumb things, and I didn’t want to offend anyone with my 12-year-old boy sense of humor. So I wasn’t sure how this would all go down…  but these guys right here are all super friendly, easy-going people who we ended up fully enjoying getting to know better over this past week. Now I can’t say for sure what they thought of us, but if they hated us they were pretty good at hiding it! LOL :p

We stayed at the Riu Palace Las Americas .When we walked into the resort I was blown away at how gorgeous it was. The lobby is beautiful, it was full of old world charm and even had stained glass on the ceilings. It was beyond my expectations.

Just wish I would have taken more pictures! These don’t do it justice.

We arrived just in time to check into our rooms and unpack then head down to eat our first dinner.  Some of us ate at the buffet and others tried the steak house… pretty sure we made the wrong choice that night ( mexican buffet), but luckily we had a full week to try everything so it was all good.

After dinner we headed over to the nightly entertainment show. The first night was  Mayan night, and I was a little concerned that every night would be as long and tortuous as this night. While I enjoy fire dancers just as much as the next guy, the never-changing beat of the drums was so boring it almost put me to sleep. I hoped the rest of the nights were not as bad as this one. After they were done, they stood up in front for people to  come up and take pictures with them and there was an awkward silence and nobody was getting up, so of course I felt bad for them and I also can’t resist a good photo-op, so I made Doug go up there with me and take pics. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I was in Cancun and on vacation!!

After the show we headed back to our room,  it was a long day of traveling and we were tired, we had been up since 5am, I was so looking forward to a good night’s sleep and waking up to Sunshine!!!


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