New Years Eve

This year we didn’t really have any plans for New Year’s Eve. A few days before we started asking around what everyone else was doing, seemed like everyone had plans already, but my brother Jason and his wife Rachael (and Mike and Kailee), so we decided to do something together.  We talked Tyler into asking for work off, since he had to work Christmas Eve and the fact that he has worked almost every single day of his Christmas break. Haden was around too but wanted to split his night between our family and his girlfriends so we thought instead of doing a New Year’s Eve party like we usually do we would do dinner and a movie. Haden and Kaiti would join us for dinner but had plans to be at her parents house at 9:00.

I know how crowded it can be on New Years Eve so we planned ahead. Jason bought the movie tickets the night before and we called and got reservations at Teppanyaki Japanese Steakhouse in Lehi.  The movie wasn’t until 9:10 and our reservation was at 6:30. We figured that would give us all plenty of time. We all got to Teppanyaki right on time. The place was packed with people. We let them know that our party was there and we were told the reservations were a little behind. Not a big deal, that was to be expected on a night like this. So we hung out and waited… and waited and waited. We started to notice that something was up, when everyone around us was all asking each other what time their reservations were. Come to find out there were people still waiting on their 6.00 reservations and it was now close to 7! WHAT? We started noticing that they were still taking walk-ins even though it was very apparent they were understaffed and over booked! When the walk in’s started getting seated before we did, that’s when my easy-going nature started to fade and my anger started to set in! The girl at the front desk was completely clueless! We talked to her a number of times and every time she would give us a different answer as to when we would be seated. I started to get pretty hot at this point and started watching her like a hawk. Looks like she had no clue what having a reservation meant. As parties would come in saying they were their for their reservation, she would cross their names off the list and add them to the bottom of the waiting list! WHAT THE?!?!? Yep I was pretty hot!! We finally got seated around 8:00. We didn’t actually get our chef to the table till around 8:15! We had to tell them to speed things up because we had a movie to catch at 9:10. Well we didn’t get out of there until 9:15!! Luckily the food was good, or maybe I was just starving to death, it was hard to say! Don’t get me started on the fact that they didnt bring me my steamed rice until I was packing up my doggy bag! GRRRR…

We rushed out of there and headed to the movies and as luck would have it we sat down right as the movie started! Crazy Right?!?  Whoa! It took a minute to relax after that. We watched Aquaman, which isn’t my first choice of a movie, I don’t really get into that kind of show, but the guy that Played Aquaman was pretty easy on the eyes if you know what I mean 😛  His eyes were so awesome, they were like golden, I mentioned to my brother that I wanted his eyes and he of course was like” that’s weird, like in a jar?!” LOL


The movie was longer than we thought, we had about 10 minutes to get home before the ball drop, so we rushed home and pulled into our garage right at midnight! WHEW! What a night! Tyler, Doug and I rang in the new year with a toast and some goofing around! It was a great night despite the whole restaurant fiasco (I definitely would never go there again on a holiday!) But being with my family was all that really matters. Cheers to an awesome 2019!!

LOL we are nerds!




2 thoughts on “New Years Eve

  1. So we went the night before. They sat us right away and we waited an hour at the table! It’s like 5 people must’ve called in sick or something… until I read your story… maybe they legitimately don’t have enough help. I wish they would let you know when you walk in what to expect. Our waitress DID end up bringing us pot stickers to kee us happy about 45 minutes into waiting. So interesting.


    1. Ya they definitely don’t have enough staff and lack of people who speak English too!! I know we’ve gone before when it’s not a holiday and just walk right in, wondering if they do do very well on the normal days?


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