Message Board Monday

When I was thinking of what to put on my board this week I wanted something that would reflect what I want to work on for this coming New Year. I had decided that I was not really going to make a New Year’s Resolution this year, because let’s face it by the end of January I am already over it… or maybe that’s me? I mean I did learn to moonwalk last year…sort of and that was the only dance I learned the whole year… (I was supposed to learn a different one every month! LOL) I have to be the only person who made that silly New Year’s Resolution!  Maybe I need to think of things that are not so out of my comfort zone, this girl has two left feet and no rhythm so not sure what made me want to do that! LOL although… I still want someone to Teach me how to Dougie… Maybe that can be my goal this year! Just kidding, remember I said no more silly New Year’s Resolutions!

So anyway…When scrolling down the millions of inspirational quotes for the New Year this simple one stood out to me.


I really liked it, it’s short sweet and to the point, but then under the quote was written, “This doesn’t just apply to other people. It also applies to the way we treat ourselves.” Whoa that just took this simple quote to a whole new level, it was like it was speaking directly to me. I am my worst critic, I am so hard on myself. I look in the mirror and only see flaws, it is something I am constantly working on, and I have come a long way in being better at it, but then I will have days where I spiral out of control right back to tearing myself down again. It can sometimes take me a long time to climb back out of that funk too. It’s funny because I can forgive others for their flaws and shortcomings way easier that my own self. I am not sure why? So this year I really want to try to be a little more kinder and a lot less judgmental of myself… and of course to others too. But I honestly think the more we love ourselves the easier it is to be kinder and loving towards others.  So tonight I will lift up my glass and toast to a new year, one where I can finally tell that little evil voice inside my mind that tells me I am not good enough to shut up once and for all! Let’s hope this will be the year that I can actually make it past January! Happy New Year!!


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