Christmas 2018

Wow another Christmas just came and went in no time! It is so scary to me how fast time is flying! That little trip to Cabo didn’t help with things either, Christmas came whether I was ready or not! We had a very low-key Christmas this year, but managed to do most of our annual traditions. We always kick off the season with a Sister’s Gift exchange on my side of the family. We get together as sisters and sister in-laws(with the ones who live around here, we are missing two) and my mom of course and exchange gifts, nothing super expensive or anything just a little something to share with each other. Sometimes it’s a christmas decoration or ornament, sometimes it’s a yummy treat, or a beauty treatment whatever it is, is is never really about the actual gift, It is more about being with each other and thinking of them during this time of year. We usually go out to eat somewhere but this year we had it at my parents house, because mom wasn’t feeling up to going out. It was really nice to be able to sit and talk and not have to worry about it being too noisy or staying too long at our table… I think this may need to be a new tradition.


We decorated Christmas cookies, which is a newish thing for my little family, I believe this was our third annual Christmas cookie decorating and we are getting pretty darn good at it! lol  I love it because it’s not everyday I get to see my grown boys and hubby do something so crafty-like. It just makes me happy .

I went to my annual Christmas party with my “Bunko friends” I say that in quotes because we haven’t actually played Bunko in years, but we still get together and have lunch or go on our annual girls trips together. So it was awesome spending the evening with these ladies. We got to take a Tour of Kirsten’s new house which was beautiful, we also ate a yummy dinner and played the gift exchange game, and took some time to get caught up with everyone…it is always a good time. I love these friends of mine!


We went to the Annual Christmas Eve Party at my Parents house. This is everyone’s favorite I think. We all bring food to share and dad reads the Christmas story out of the Bible then what we all really love is the white Elephant Gift Game. This year didn’t disappoint, there was a good mixture of gifts we all wanted and some not so much, and The bear skin rug from last year made its way back but this year sporting some lingerie 😛  I was pretty stoked to come home with a Mermaid tail blanket! LOL


After the party my little family came home and we opened our Christmas Eve PJ’s and this year for a new twist I added animal face masks to our little tradition. Again I think I just love to make my boys do things they wouldn’t normally do on a daily basis… makes it that much more fun!

After the face masks we went downstairs and watched The Christmas Story, it isn’t Christmas Eve without it! Again I forgot to take pictures on actual Christmas Morning, I guess we are all too busy enjoying ourselves to remember to take pictures. But We had a great day. I think for the most part everyone was happy and that’s all I ever want! I love my family and wish we could spend more time all together like we do during Christmas, but I realize that isn’t possible so I will cherish the time we do and try to remember this when I get all stressed out about Christmas next year, because let’s be honest, It causes me stress EVERY year. I am so grateful to be able to spend time with friends and family every year. I truly am blessed. Christmas 2018… is officially in the history books and I can honestly say it was a success!!


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