Short Par 4 Box #4

Last week Doug got his Fourth Short Par 4 Box. These monthly boxes seem to come super fast! I mean when they say time flies when you are older, man they weren’t kidding, add a monthly subscription box to the mix and time seems to be going by at a lightening speed! I swear he just got his last box!

In this box he got a Golf Polo and a Pair of Golf Pants by Chase 54. We have never even heard of that company, so of course we took a look at their website, I like the reasoning behind their company name, 54 would be getting a birdie on every hole, or the perfect game. “Perfection might always be beyond our reach, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aim to achieve it.”  I love that! I also love that they donate to St.Jude’s hospital every year with a minimum of $54,000!  What’s not to like about that?

What a deal, remember you guys he got this box for only $49.99! Crazy good deal. Oh and don’t forget this cute Halloween ball marker!



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