Halloween 2018

This year Halloween was very weird for me. First off it was the first year in 12 years that we didn’t have our annual Hot Dog Fest. I was super excited at that fact and the fact that we didn’t have to clean out the garage, decorate, make gallons and gallons of hot chocolate, lug the grill around to the front yard and spend all that money on food. Those were all the things I was pretty happy about, but what I didn’t realize was how much I would miss mingling with everyone and seeing everyone’s costumes up close and personal. Another thing I really missed was dressing up, this was probably the first year that Doug and I  didn’t  dress up since we’ve been married…Ok There may have been a year or two back with I was pregnant, but other than that we have always loved dressing up. I mean It is something I really enjoy doing for some odd reason, but this year we figured if we weren’t outside with the trick or treaters, then what would be the point of dressing up? Well let me tell you, I was very sad that I didn’t just decide to dress up anyway. I regret that, I guess I thought since I was over the whole Hot Dog fest I was over Halloween all together and that I had grown up a little…. I thought It would be super fun to sit in the house and watch tv while answering the door… Well it really wasn’t all that fun 😦 Haden, Doug and I sat and watched the Jazz game while eating Chinese Food and passed out full-sized Candy bars ( didn’t want to get egged our first year not doing dogs). lol


Doug must have felt like he was missing out too because halfway through the night he came up from the basement all dressed in a long cloak and a scary mask and stood by the front window standing super still and freaked out the trick or treaters by moving just slightly just when they had decided he was just a decoration. LOL that was fun. I should have taken pictures but I just wasnt in the Halloween spirit at all which was a total bummer.

NO we will not be doing hot dogs again, but I will at the very least dress up, and maybe invite some friends over to hang while we are passing out candy, and I will have twice as much candy too, I felt bad that we had to shut the porch lights off pretty early last night. I don’t know why I thought 90 candy bars would be enough??  LOL I am new to the candy game 😛 I learned that I am not your typical person who loves to be  low-key or boring, I really am a huge child inside and a holiday that lets you dress up and act like a kid, well that’s just me, I don’t think I will ever grow up!…Live and Learn.


2 thoughts on “Halloween 2018

  1. When someone is handing out full size candy bars in the neighborhood everyone always finds out real quick and goes to that house! I love to dress up but my husband doesn’t so I usually don’t do anything. I’m always sad about it, so this year I just wore a witch hat. I look foreword to the years where we can sit and watch a scary movie and just hand out candy. It’s so cold in Idaho! Last night it was so windy and only like 35 degrees. We trick or treated for almost 2 hours. So cold!


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