Powderful Peel Off Black Mask


I used to always do peel off masks back when I was in highschool and college but seems like it’s been harder for me to find them lately. I have heard that the peel off masks aren’t very good for your skin, but they feel so good to me, it’s just so satisfying pulling it off that I have a hard time believing it can be all that bad. Well Saturday we were shopping at Wal-Mart and we found this Mask by So Fresh So Clean. It says right on the box that is made for both Him and Her, so I told Doug we have to get this and try them out! I was so excited to try it I made Doug do it with me that night. No going out to the movies or anything like that, I would much rather stay home and watch a little tv while wearing these cool charcoal peel off masks!


It took about 30 minutes until it fully dried. I was so excited to pull this thing off! I read some people complain about how painful it was to pull off, I must love a little pain because I thought it felt fantastic!


My skin felt super soft and clean afterwards! Doug probably won’t admit it but I know he secretly liked it too 😛 I am excited to add this to my skin care rotation! This mask comes in a 5 oz. jar so there is plenty more masks to come! Definitely worth the $6.88!!


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