Message Board Monday

Today I was looking for something fun to put on my message board for Halloween week, I almost put up the old trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat, because that is just about the only saying I really associate with Halloween đŸ˜› It’s a classic and my 12-year-old boy sense of humor still thinks that’s pretty clever, but then I ran into this saying and I knew this would probably be better.


If anyone has ever accidentally turned the camera on their phone to front facing while having a total serious look on their face knows just how frightening that can be! I mean it’s crazy we only ever really see ourselves in pictures where we are smiling for the camera, but in real life we aren’t always walking around with smiles on our faces, and to be honest, we really should be because it’s amazing how different we all look not smiling and not always for the best!

So almost 15 years ago I totally broke my nose and had to have it fixed in order to breathe right again.( I should share that story sometime, it’s a good one, maybe another day) I chose to go to a plastic surgeon to do the fixing. I figured while I had him there I’d asked him what he would suggest I needed to have done to my face maybe later on down the road. He looked at me and said that I didn’t need anything done ( remember I was only 33 years old at the time). He then said the biggest thing that makes people look old is not smiling. He said just keep smiling, the wrinkles from smiling are happy wrinkles and people don’t even associate them with anything bad, it’s the frowning ones that make people look old. That has always kind of stuck with me, it’s so true, happy people just look better. So smile people it makes you look younger! Oh and eat that Halloween Candy cause you know… YOLO!!! Happy Halloween!!



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