Cruise Luggage tags

First off NO I am not going on another cruise… well at least not that I know of Yet, I just really enjoy them so the odds are pretty good that I will be going on another one sometime in the future…hopefully near future, but NO I am not going on another one anytime soon! Whew, that was a long way of saying I am not going on a cruise, but am totally up to one if anyone wants to go with me! LOL  Just kidding… I Really just wanted to share with you something I found for my last cruise, that I’ve been meaning to share with all my fellow cruisers or soon to be first time cruisers these awesome luggage tag holders that I found on amazon. I can remember on my very first cruise I had no idea how the whole check-in process went down, I had printed out all of our boarding passes and stuff but didn’t really realize that I had to somehow attach these paper luggage tags to our luggage before heading to the cruise ship. I can remember scrambling down to the hotel lobby trying to find some tape or stapler to get these paper luggage tags put on my suitcases along with like 20 other people doing the same thing as we were. These little paper tags are the only thing that keeps your luggage separate from a sea of thousand of other people’s suitcases going on the same ship as you! I always panic a little leaving my stuff and worry that my tags will stay on. I mean one time it was raining when we were boarding the ship, those paper tags could have been a soggy mess! I mean what happens if one of these gets ripped or torn off? Yep you’re the one on the first night with no luggage, wearing your swimsuit cover up at dinner! LOL

So here is the best invention ever. This plastic sleeve fits your printed paper perfectly and attaches to your luggage with a metal ring. So no more worrying about packing tape or a stapler in your suitcase or fighting with all the other people down at the front desk who forgot about this tiny little detail. And best of all no more worries that your tags will get wet or ripped off. This may seem like a silly little thing but I promise it was well worth the whole $6.73 for a set of 4 for the ease and peace of mind! I know our luggage got to our room super fast this past cruise… was it the luggage tags??  Who knows, but I am going to tell myself yes, yes it was!



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