Pride Heating and Air

We’ve lived in our house almost 13 years now and when we first moved into our home we had our heater and air conditioner serviced they told us we needed to replace our furnace right away… Well 13 years later we are finally getting around to it! LOL  At the beginning of this summer our air conditioner wouldn’t turn on,  so we had it serviced and again we were told both needed replacing ASAP! They were able to “jump-start” the AC and that somehow got us through the whole summer season, but we knew these  dinosaurs needed to be replaced but the thought to dropping that kind of cash on something that is so un-exciting or fun kind of had us pushing the inevitable out as far as possible.  In the meantime we have had a couple different companies out to give us a bid. They all agreed that we were running on borrowed time and urged us to replace as soon as possible, but the quotes we were getting were absolutely ridiculous! I was getting pretty frustrated because I knew these quotes were too high, but you know when you need something done and you don’t know how to do it yourself you usually just end up getting bent over… sad but true facts people! Sorry there is probably a way more ladylike way of saying that … but I don’t know it! LOL

My gut kept telling me we needed to take care of this before it starts to snow outside, so I kept looking around to find someone who would give us a reasonable bid, I mean I wasn’t expecting to have it done for free but I also didn’t want to feel like I was being taken advantage of either. So as luck would have it one day I was scrolling down Instagram when I see our good friend Justin Anderson had just posted that he was now a partner of a HVAC company! You better believe I slid right into his DM and asked him to give us a bid! I am so glad I saw his post,  He sent out his technician Doug and we were quoted the most reasonable quote to date, so we jumped on it  and they were able to come in and do it the very next week! Doug was professional and courteous, He made sure I understood everything and assured me I could call him with any questions I had at anytime. That is what is so awesome about working with an individual person instead of a huge company, Doug feels like a good friend now, I would have no problem calling him up or referring him to any of my friends. He also noticed our flue pipe to our water heater wasn’t up to code so he fixed that for us too!  Oh ya and finally, he also made sure he left the place just as clean as it was before he came…this is kind of huge with me, when we had our windows replaced last year I was very unimpressed with the way things were left, there was trash and all kinds of dust and debris all over the place, not cool! I had to clean my house for days after… So ya I was very happy with Pride HVAC!

If you ever need your heater or air conditioner serviced or heaven forbid you need  to replace your existing dinosaurs with new more energy-efficient ones like we did… Give Pride Heating and Air a call! Make sure you tell them I sent you :P…



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