Game Night at Sleepy Ridge

Doug plays in a Men’s league every Tuesday night at Sleep Ridge golf course during the warm months. This past Tuesday night they had a dinner and game night after they played and us wives were invited me to go. So we decided to make a night of it, I got to watch him play 9 holes ( there is something so relaxing about riding around in a golf cart on a beautiful day), eat dinner and then we hit the tables! If you know me at all you know that I love to gamble… but hate losing money! But because gambling is illegal in Utah, they played a little differently. When we walked in we each got $1500 in chips. We got to play for an hour or so to see who could make the most out of that money.



We spent most of our time at the Craps table because that’s my favorite, there is something so fun about throwing those dice across the table…that is until you roll a 7 😦  We also played at the roulette table where I got super lucky on Red more than once!!

Once the time was up We got to buy raffle tickets with our chips, $10,000 per ticket with a limit of 7 tickets total. With the raffle they drew out tickets and if yours got pulled up, you got to go up and pick out whatever you wanted from two tables full of prizes, one table had all kinds of golf stuff and the other had home decor stuff so it was fun for us wives too.  I get all kinds of competitive, so you know I made sure I had enough to buy all 7 tickets… I probably had enough to buy another set of 7 if they would have let me… but there was a limit dang it… LOL  I promised Doug that if I got called first  I would get whatever he was eyeing and as lady luck would have it, they called my name first so I grabbed him a golf cart cover, something he’s been wanting for some time now but it’s not something he ever really wants to spend his money on. Then a little while later another one of my tickets got pulled again so this time I picked something for me, a cute little wooden sign. Then finally Doug’s number got pulled up towards the end of the night, he ended up getting a golf hat. I would say that was a win-win kind of night! Lady Luck was smiling down on us! We went with Scott and Kim ( my brother and sister-in-law) they actually won a few things too! It was a really fun unexpected date night on a tuesday…that doesn’t happen everyday!


Here’s our loot! How cute is that sign? I love it!

If you ever want to throw a super cool party or work event I would seriously consider doing a Game night at Sleepy Ridge I think everyone there had a great time, in fact I didn’t want it to end, Kim and I were already dreaming about having a family Game Night Christmas Party!  How fun would that be?? Here’s the info just in case you are interested, the holidays are coming up, what a fun and different way to celebrate, sometimes you gotta switch things up a bit!




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