Utah Fashion Week

This past Friday I had the opportunity to go to a Fashion Show with my good friend Lucie to watch her beautiful daughter walk in one of the Utah Fashion Week Fashion shows.  When Lucie asked me if I could go with her, I was pretty excited. I love fashion! In fact my major in College was Fashion Merchandising, although you probably wouldn’t know that by looking at me, but I have always had a love for fashion. Being a stay home mom for over 25 years kind of takes the style right out of you ;P

I can remember back when I was in College in one of my classes we had to put on fashion shows and also had to walk in some of them, and I hated every minute of that class! I am someone who hates to have all eyes on me, so that alone was enough for me to have major anxiety , but me  trying to being elegant and serious proved to be more than I am capable of! I am a goofy person by nature, but put me in front of a bunch of people, and I will not only be so nervous I could puke, but I will get extra stupid and red in the face, sweaty and then I will either start laughing or crying! LOL it is not a pretty sight. So to watch Miranda and the rest of these girls walk in this show and see how professional and serious they all were I was very impressed.  I was also impressed by these designers, they had clothes that I felt like could actually be worn in the real world, which doesn’t always happen at these things.

…Until they threw in the men’s wear fashions, I had a hard time not giggling, when these guys came out. Yep I am still like 12 years old sometimes, I had to hold my laughter in hard… Just because in my mind I  was picturing my husband Doug wearing these and it got me laughing. Oh my gosh Lucie probably won’t ever take me again! lol!

Even though it was freakin hot at this place, we had a great time! I always have the best time with Lucie! And yes we were under dressed, when I asked Lucie what we should wear she says, doesn’t matter, then I tell her I looked it up online and it said to come dressed to impressed, and her answer was,”Well ,I am not trying to impress anyone so I am wearing jeans!”  She had a point there…So that’s what we did 🙂


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