GlamGlow Bubblesheet

I finally got around to trying out the GlamGlow Bubblesheet Deep Cleansing Mask that came in my FabFitFun box the other day. It is different from any other mask I have ever tried. First of all it’s a cleaning mask, not a moisturizing mask like most of the ones I have been trying out lately. This one says it’s a deep cleansing mask that works to reveal glowing, deep purified skin. The sheet is a bamboo, charcoal infused mask that bubbles up and invigorates and detoxifies while removing make up! Well I couldn’t wait to try this one out! first I washed my face with my regular face wash, which I am not sure if I was supposed to do or not, but It just makes sense to me to wash it first. Then I unfolded the mask, stuck it on my face and went to go relax a bit on my bed, but I didn’t really read the instructions before I put it on, so after a few minutes I decided I should  check and see how long I am supposed to keep it on, and realized it was only supposed to be on for 3 minutes, I think I had this on for maybe 10! ooops… Oh well my face should be extra clean now 😛

Here are my crazy looking pics, notice the one with my glasses on… Oh my gosh I am going blind, I couldn’t for the life of me read it without them, so I had to snap a pic of this, because I mean, how do you make a hideous picture look even more hideous? Reading glasses that’s how! LOL Seriously how does anyone look good in a face mask ?? I will never know, I look like a serial killer every time!!

Oh my gosh look at all those bubbles! after you take the mask off you are supposed to gently massage the remaining cleansing bubbles into your face and then rinse with water. I had quite a bit of bubbles, it took me a while to get it all rinsed off, but once I did, my face really did feel extra clean and not at all dried out like I thought it might. I really liked this mask,  who am I kidding I loved this mask, the more crazy it is the better! I can’t wait to do it again!


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