I just found out that a Marshalls just opened up super close to me! What?  Doug and I decided to go check it out last friday. I haven’t been to a Marshalls Store in Years, I used to love shopping there when I was a kid.  I was super excited to check this one out, On the way there I told Doug we should play a game, we each would get $20 and see who could get the best/most with that $20. So we got there and we split up and I started browsing and I immediately ended up in the make up section, there were so many choices that were so cheap, I had a hard time picking just a few things but I needed a new blush really bad and they had a blush set for only $3.99 and an eyeshadow palette for $4.99. So I quickly picked those up and thought I am totally gonna win this game. Next I found an acrylic makeup holder which I have been wanting for a while now  but the last one I found that I liked was over $50! This one was only $16… Well  dang it I was  already over my limit and I hadn’t even looked at any other section in the store! I went and found Doug and he found himself some Drakkar… I know what you are thinking, Drakkar? that’s so 1980’s..but you know what? it is my favorite scent on him, He knows this too 😉 It was a huge bottle for only $29, so we both decided we can’t win this game today, there was just too many good deals to be had! LOL

So after we both realized we had already gone over our limits, we spent a long time checking out all the other sections. We even browsed the baby section and stumbled upon a bunch of Jordan stuff! If you know me at all  you know I am a Jordan fan, In fact Doug and I wore Jordan’s the day of our wedding, that was our wedding gift to each other!

**look how young we were!

And all three of my boys had little baby Jordan shoes thanks to my awesome sister Nancy and they have all grown up to be Jordan fan’s as well. It was Pretty hard for them not to  be since I am a sucker for anything with a Jumpman on it, I even went so far as to make a custom Jumpman shower curtain for the boys bathroom years ago and I can not replace it, It still hangs proudly in the basement bathroom, I am just a little obsessed with it, which is super funny because I am not even a sports fan really, Just a Jordan fan!Yep he’s the one person I always say I have to meet someday! I happen to know that Michael Jordan golf’s in Utah sometimes, so there’s a chance people! HAHAHA

yard bathroom pics 016

**terrible picture quality, but you get the idea

So anyways, when we spotted these cute little Jordan sets, we snatched them all up! Nope, we dont have babies in the family… but some day right? LOL




Here’s a list of everything we got…Drakkar Noir Men’s cologne, dog brush, 6 pairs of men’s Under Armour socks, Madden girl belt, baby Stance socks, 7 sets of Baby Jordan stuff, 5 lbs hand weights, Pink Himalayan salt grinder, and Pepper grinder, Acrylic makeup holder,  Ellen Tracy Blush,  LivBeauty eyeshadow palette, and Life’s a beach and then you poop spray! LOL  all for a total of $149, I know we went way over budget, but I feel like we scored big time! Looks like I still Love Marshalls! I have a feeling this could be very dangerous for me!


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