Powder Dip Nails

So in Preparation for Our Cruise Becky and I decided to splurge and go get Mani’s and Pedi’s. This is not something I do often. I own all the stuff to do my own gel nails and have been doing it for years, but every once in a while it feels nice to be pampered. Because of Becky’s schedule we could only go the Saturday before we were leaving so that was 5 days before our actual trip and I was panicking a little because my gel nails don’t last that long anymore, I can maybe get 10 days out of them but never the full two weeks like I used to be able to. We chose Powder dip nails because they claim to last a full two weeks if not longer! Powder Dip nails are a cross between  a regular mani and fake nails, they are removed the same way as gel nails are, no not by peeling them off, am I the only one who does that? by soaking them in acetone, but they take much longer to soak, like a half an hour or so, so Ya I am not looking forward to that part, but I love the idea of not having to worry about my mani not lasting the whole trip! I had never heard of Powder Dip Nails before because I am not a frequent flyer at the nail salon, but apparently these are the new trendy thing to do. So we decided to give them a try.

It may seem boring but I almost always get a french manicure when I go because it’s not the easiest for me to do on myself so when they said they could do the powder dip nails in a french manicure I was all over it! These pictures are of my nails on the 5th day, I totally forgot to snap a pic the day I got them. But they still look pretty good, We shall see how these hold up in salt water, sunscreen and sunbathing. I will take a pic when I get back to see how well they held up. I like how shiny and hard these are but typing has proven to be a bit of a  challenge for some reason? These are my real nails so it’s not like they are any longer or anything… I can’t put my finger on what it is but they just feel weird when I type!

Also I can already see growth in 5 days so it may look awful by the time I get home ( my nails grow pretty fast), I guess we shall see…

I decided to stick with Gel Nails on my toes because they seem to last around a month as it is, I don’t need them to last any longer than that! I wanted to do something different, I always get hot pink on my toes in the summer, that’s just my signature go to but I thought, I am going to be different and do white toes. Well once he got done polishing them I felt they were a little too boring so I asked him to put a fun flower on my big toes… I always see people with those really pretty extravagant floral designs on their toes and that’s kind of what I had in mind when I said that… something along these lines is what i was imagining…


and this is what I got LOL

**My feet are definitely not pretty, so sorry for the extreme close up of those hideous toes, but you had to see what I am talking about 😛

I guess I needed to be a bit more specific.. I literally think I could have done a better job! I was pretty bummed. I guess I am still living and learning every single day of my life! I was very unimpressed by the whole pedicure to be honest, he cut my nails super short,  he also didn’t get out the big ol cheese grater and scrub all the hard crap off the bottoms of my feet not to mention my cuticles still look all ragged , and to top it all off I am now sporting these sad child like dot flowers 😦   I guess I should just stick with my at home Pedi’s from now on! So right now I would totally spend the money for the Powder Dip Nails again, but the Pedicure’s… Not so much.

**update to come on how well the Powder dip nails held up



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