Final Sea Day

Today was our last day and it happened to be a sea day so we totally took it easy this day. We slept in and didn’t even get out of our cabin til around 1:00 I think? This was the first time I have ever stayed in an inside cabin and I was a little bit afraid it would be awful, but I don’t think I have ever slept better! The swaying of the boat mixed with absolute darkness was awesome mixed in with super cold cabins It was the perfect sleeping conditions! I loved it! I did miss looking out my window/balcony to see where we were and stuff like that, but if you are on a budget, inside cabin was the way to go, although we did pay extra to be on a higher deck, we were on deck 8 and I think that makes a difference too? I have been on the second floor before and I will never do that again… EVER!

We hung out on the Lido deck and watched the hairy chest contest and ate tacos and then we thought we should lay out one more time since it was our final day to soak up the sun. Nobody was even out there which was weird, but also very nice!


After we did a little shopping in the shops and then back to our room to start packing and get ready for dinner. We had a nice dinner with the sister’s we met and said our final goodbye’s.  Yep, I was the only brunette in a sea of blonds!


After dinner we headed back to the piano bar with Gilbert.  We even got a picture with him… he is the best I’ve seen so far, he’s very talented but also super funny and personable, we had a great time and I think he made the cruise for us, we had fun with all the other shows and things but Piano Bar with Gilbert was definitely the highlight of our evenings!


I can’t believe how fast this cruise went by! We had such a good time. I don’t care what you think, but I really enjoy cruising with Carnival, maybe some day I will try another cruise line, but for now you can just call me a Carnie! LOL



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