Grand Turk


Today was our last stop and the one I was most excited/ nervous about. I have always wanted to see Turks and Caicos’s, so that is why I was so excited for it, but we booked a catamaran and snorkel excursion which had me a little nervous only because I didn’t have Doug there to hold my hand for the snorkeling part. Becky had never snorkeled before so we both weren’t even sure if we would actually do it or not. When we got on the Catamaran it was crowded and as they took us to where we were snorkeling they had all of us who were either first timers or less experienced to the front of the boat and they got us all outfitted in the snorkel gear and they gave us a crash course on how to use the equipment.

*look at all the people! that was only one side of the boat! That’s a lot of first timers!!

So by the time we were there we pretty much just followed the crowd and made our way into the ocean without even discussing it! As soon as I got in the water It all came back to me ( except I couldn’t keep my mask from fogging up! apparently mouth breathing is very hard for me! ) LOL. Becky did really good for her first time, I was impressed. I can remember being almost in tears the first time I ever snorkeled!

I was pretty bummed out because they had us all crammed into the tiniest spot, They didn’t want us to go past the area between our boat and another one that was already there, and it wasn’t a very big area for how many of us where there was!  I felt like I couldn’t even swim, there were WAY too many of us in the water!! I tried my best to get some pictures and not freak out because we were in 30 ft deep water but we were at the coral reef wall which dropped to 2000 ft  + deep water and that had me a little freaked!! Luckily they kept an eye on all of us and made sure we didn’t go off too far.


After the snorkeling they took us to a private island where we could listen to music and chill out for a little bit, this was probably my favorite part, the beach was so pretty! We tried to get away from the crowd and enjoyed our own little piece of private island.


After the beach we headed back to port, they played dance party music and wanted everyone up and dancing, that was pretty fun too. we had about an hour left til we had to get back on board, so we did a little shopping at the port, They had a Ron Jon there! Yay! We then headed back to our room for some rest, but not before we ran upstairs for a burger and a cone of course!

That night we went to dinner but we were the only ones who showed up at our table so we had a lot of attention on us that night, they treated us very well. After we went to the Love and Marriage show which is always fun, took a few more pics around the ship and then headed back over to the piano bar, we loved singing along with Gil!





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