Half Moon Cay

I was so excited for this stop. I was supposed to get off on this port with my sisters last time but the weather was so bad they couldn’t tender us to the island, so when we woke up to beautiful weather I was super excited! We didn’t book anything for this day, we figured it was a beautiful private island we didn’t really need to and we were right, it was beautiful!

If you can’ t tell by now all we really wanted to do on this vacation was hang out by the beautiful blue water and that is exactly what we did.  we loved this stop so much! They even provided a free lunch but we decided to not go eat so we could enjoy more beach time and eat when we got back on the ship.

About an hour til the last tender boat it started pouring down rain! Everyone started to clear out of there but we decided to hang back and weather the storm. It stopped raining for a little bit and everything looked that much prettier so we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot, yes we had been swimming in the ocean all day and just got dumped on but it was too pretty to not. So that is what we did.



When we decided to head back to the ship it started to really pour down on us, we got totally soaked! But when we got back on board they handed out fresh warm towels to all of us, it felt soo good and was a really nice touch , way to go Carnival!

When we got back we were hungry but too tired to go upstairs to get food, so we ordered some grilled cheese sandwiches and cookies from room service, this was my first time ordering from room service, I am not sure why I’ve never used it before??

After we cleaned up we decided to have some pictures taken because we didn’t get any on the formal night. We had a really good laugh taking these pics, for some reason this photographer thought it would be a good idea for us to stand facing away from her and then she would count to three and we were supposed to swing our heads around… these are the results of that awful idea! LOL we couldn’t stop laughing when we saw the final results!

We did end up getting a few good pictures from that night…

That night we went to the show and then found the Piano bar where you sing along with the piano guy, we ended up staying up pretty late doing that, we didn’t dock til 11:00 am the next day so we figured why not? It was probably one of our favorite things to do while on the ship.


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