Our first stop was to Nassau. If you remember on my sister’s cruise we stopped here and it was freezing cold and I can remember thinking Nassau was a really ugly stop and I thought I will never have a need to come to here again…Well, when we got off the boat it was like a totally different island, I was so happy to have a bright sun-shining day here. I guess the sunshine makes a huge difference to me and my outlook on things. We booked a private island beach day for today.   We met with our group at 8 am and then we ferried over to an Island called the Blue Lagoon Island.

It was about a 30 minute ferry ride over to the Lagoon. I wasn’t feeling very good this morning (stomach issues), which totally sucked, you can totally tell by those pictures I wasn’t feeling it at all… but as soon as we arrived I couldn’t help but feel better.

We had a great time chilling near the lagoon and floating in the free Tubes. Our excursion also included lunch for all of us, which I wish I could say was good, but I wouldn’t  really know, I just took a few bites, I decided not to risk it because of my stomach.

It wasn’t too crowded and it was really pretty here, I would definitely go back again, and would love to experience it feeling 100%!

Once we got back on Port I was finally starting to feel a little better and I was starving, Nothing a Guys Burger couldn’t fix, so we headed back on board to eat a late lunch or what we like to call our first dinner 😛


We then went back to our  room to have a power nap and then head to dinner, It was formal night so we had to look our best… Can you believe we didn’t get one picture of us all dressed up? This is the only picture we got from that evening.


Yep they totally took a pic of us with one of the sisters, luckily it is the one we liked the most, so there’s that! LOL All of the workers had a really hard time remembering that we all didn’t know each other! After dinner we headed to the show and then the comedy club. Over all it was great day!






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