Another Bahama Cruise?

I know what you are probably thinking… Another Cruise?? Didn’t you just go on one? And the answer would be YES, Yes I did, but let me explain myself a bit. Becky and I have been talking about doing some sort of Girls Trip for EVER!! She moved to Utah about three years ago and we have done nothing but talk about this trip, It was always just  going to be a short weekend trip to California to meet up with our old friends or pretty much anywhere there is a beach, because we both love the beach. But that’s all it ever was… just talk. We could never seem to be able pin down a date that worked for both of us. Then Doug started seriously considering going to Scotland to be there for the British Open with his buddy Matt who is a PGA tour rep in July and Becky started seriously considering moving back to Pennsylvania and that is when our plans turned bigger. If Becky was moving we had to kick up our Girls Trip up a notch and If Doug was going to Scotland without me, we had to kick it up another Notch, and the fact that Becky had never been on a cruise before or seen the Caribbean Ocean… that’s how our cruise plans began. That also limited our dates because of her moving date and Doug’s trip date it narrowed it down to another Bahama Cruise. I wasn’t too sad to go to the Bahama’s again especially because the first time I went it pretty much was rainy and cold the whole time I really needed a do over. I also would have loved to go on a different cruise line, but I figured I had been on 6 Carnival Cruises now so I pretty much know how these things work and I wasn’t willing to try a new cruise line with me being the one in charge of everything. So there, that’s how this trip came to be!


Our adventure started when we flew into Fort Lauderdale the morning before our cruise, and when I say morning I mean super Early morning, our flight landed at 5:20 AM! You know how it is when You find a super cheap flight and at the time you tell yourself it wont be that bad? We literally thought, we can just book a hotel room right on the beach, eat breakfast,then head out to the beach and we can just lay out there and maybe even nap until our room is ready. LOL Well that’s exactly what we talked ourselves into. But when the plane landed at 5 am we had different ideas… like we needed some sleep!! So as luck would have it our hotel let us check into our room right away, we just had to pay a little fee to check in early, It was $45 and probably the best $45 we spent on the whole trip! It was so nice to be able to sleep for a few hours to re-charge our batteries before heading out to the beach.


We stayed at Bahia Mar. We picked it because it was across the street from the beach, had a restaurant on the property, close to the Pier and actually had a cheap shuttle to the pier.

After a 5 or 6 hour nap we rolled out of bed, and headed over to the beach. I hate to say it but this beach wasn’t the prettiest beach I’ve ever been to but even an ugly beach is better than no beach! We were suckered into spending $50 for a couple of lounge chairs and a clam shell type deal. It was so nice to lay there and soak up the sun and listen to the waves crash. There is something so soothing about a beach, It literally is my happy place… Becky’s too so ya we had a nice relaxing afternoon.



After our time at the beach we went back to our hotel and got cleaned up and while we were getting ready we got a text from our hotel telling us that there would be some live music playing at their restaurant that night, so we were pretty excited about that, because listening to music is another thing we both love to do, so we hurried up and headed over.




What a great beginning to our trip and we hadn’t even boarded the ship yet!



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