Stitch fix #6

Got my 6th Stitch Fix Box the other day and I have to say, I think my stylist is starting to know me a little better. I have had the same one since my first fix and I think it helps to stick with one for a while so she can get to know your likes and dislikes. I think she did an awesome job this time, there are a few pieces I wouldn’t have picked myself, but my hubby loves them, so I guess it’s all good!

I told my stylist Hannah that I wanted a short-sleeved denim shirt, an A-line skirt and something fun for my up coming cruise. This is what I got.

#1  ID:23~ Hayford One Pocket Chambray Top-I love how soft and flowy this top is, I can wear it so many different ways. She suggested pairing it with the skirt she sent.

#2  Colette~ Mali Brushed Knit Skirt Super soft and comfy, I paired it with the chambray top as well as a plain white tee. very versatile piece.

#3 S&D~ Farrel Printed Wide Leg Pant. I knew these pants would take some getting used to on my part. But I also saw them and thought, Doug will love these! For some reason Doug has always loved this type of pant on me. I’m not sure if they are flattering or not, but if my hubby loves them, then I will wear them. Plus it’s nice to switch things up sometimes, I am sure he is super bored with my everyday uniform of jeans!

#4 Mix by Hawthorn~ Trumer Essential Knit top

This top isn’t my favorite but I like the color and style of it, it is just a little too clingy for my taste. Hannah suggested pairing it with the wide leg pants. I liked it best when pairing it with the jean jacket also, could make a good date night outfit.

#5 Julie Dillon~ Zaylee Faux Wrap knit Dress.

I think this dress was my favorite of the whole box. I have a really hard time wearing dresses, I usually end up wearing a skirt and blouse combo, because my body is not purported right or something, so when I put this dress on and it fit, I was so happy! not only that, there was no cami or under shirt or slip extender needed,  you see these are usually things I have to add to make a dress work for me, not this time, I can just pull it on and go! YAY! Plus I can throw it in my suitcase with no worries of it wrinkling, I am so happy with this dress!

Another successful Stitch Fix Box! I love that I can arrange my Fixes to come around certain events. I have mine set up for every three months, but I can go into the calendar and set the exact date I want it by! Also If you have a special occasion where you need something before your scheduled fix, you can always add more, I love how easy it is to use! If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try, Click on the link below for $25 off your first box! That pretty much makes it so you can try it risk free, no money out of your pocket! What do you got to lose??

Try Stitch Fix Today!



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